How much money can I earn per month as a VA?

This is a hard question to answer because there are many different tasks that can be done as a Virtual Assistant and Virtual Marketer. You can get paid anywhere from $5 to +$30 per hour.

You can also get paid per project, such as translating a document from Spanish to English, instead of an hourly basis. This will depend on who hires you and what conditions you both agree to.

The possibilities are endless since you can have as much work and as many projects as you are capable of handling. The more hours you work, the more projects you will finish, and the more you will get paid.

If you’re capable of keeping a constant flow of new clients and maintain your current clients happy there will be no need for you to look for another job.

When you are first starting out as a Virtual Assistant, you need to build up your portfolio with positive client reviews. If you are willing to get paid significant amounts of money per hour for your services, it’s highly recommended that you become a certified Virtual Assistant or certified Virtual Marketer.

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