Should I hire through the Directory or Agency?

Virtual Latinos offers two ways to hire virtual assistants from Latin America through our platform.

The two options are: 

  1. Virtual Latinos Directory
  2. Virtual Latinos Agency

Which hiring method should I choose?


Hire through our Virtual Latinos DirectoryChoose to hire through the Virtual Latinos Directory if you…

  • Like to do hiring on your own
  • Know exactly what and who you’re looking for
  • Wants to hire a virtual assistant directly, with no middleman
  • Know what services you need, but need help with implementation
  • Prefer to search, browse and pick your own virtual assistants and virtual marketers
  • Prefer to interview every potential candidate
  • Are looking for the most affordable price, without any mark-ups
  • Can invest the necessary time required to find, contact, interview, evaluate, hire and manage a virtual assistant

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Choose to hire through the Virtual Latinos Agency if you…
Hire a virtual assistant from Latin America

  • Need immediate help
  • Need to speak with someone about your needs and the ideal person you’re looking for (phone support)
  • Need guidance on choosing which assistant to hire
  • Are looking for the best assistant(s) as soon as possible
  • Need help with strategy and/or with the implementation of those strategies
  • Have limited time you can invest in the hiring process
  • Prefers to have a staffing agency that can help with the hiring process
  • Are looking for a mix of good price and value

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