Is there a guarantee for the work that virtual assistants perform?

The short answer is yes, and no – it depends on how you hire a virtual assistant through our company.

Virtual Latinos offers two main ways to hire virtual assistants through our platform, one is through our Directory (Where you hire on your own), and the other is through our Agency.

Hired through our Virtual Latinos Directory?

If you hired a virtual assistant on your own (without our team’s help), we don’t offer a guarantee for the work or deliverables provided by the assistant you chose to work with. and hired. This is because of this part of our business model gives you the best value for the best price possible because you as a client is fully in charge of the entire hiring process.

Without our involvement, we can’t know whether you chose the best potential virtual assistant candidate/applicant for your job, and therefore we can’t guarantee that they’ll do the work as you might be expecting it – as we also don’t know what your job’s skills and requirements were.

What we do offer is a 30-day money back guarantee for the full price paid for your subscription plan to our Directory if you’re not happy with any of the assistants that you may have hired through our Directory.


Hired through the Virtual Latinos Agency?

When you choose to hire a Latino virtual assistant or virtual marketer through our Agency program, then we do guarantee the quality of our assistants work, as well as the overall work performed by our assistants.

Our hiring team has the skills, experience, and knowledge required to best match you and your business with a potential virtual assistant who (if they’re available) are qualified to work on the project, job, or tasks that you’re looking to have completed.

If the assistant that you hired through our agency is not performing as expected, we’ll happily replaced them with someone else, at no additional cost to you.

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