Will I get paid in USD (US Dollars) or in my national currency, and what is the exchange rate used?

If you are hired by a client directly through our directory, they’re in charge of your payment.  They choose the platform and form of payment, we recommend you to ask them to send you a payment directly into your bank account using Remitly.com. But if you or they have a different preference, it should also be considered (such as using PayPal or Payoneer).

When getting paid through Remitly, you might be able to choose to get paid in USD or your national currency. The choice depends on whether or not your country, bank and/or Remitly offer the ability to get paid in USD or your country’s currency.

As for the exchange rate, Remitly defines the exchange rate each time you receive a payment, it’s usually a fair and competitive rate. Remitly charges a sending fee, this fee may be subtracted from your payment, this depends on your contractor’s policies. Make sure to discuss these topics before starting your working relationship.

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