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What is the difference between working directly with a client or through the Virtual Latinos Agency?

We used to offer 2 ways to get hired through our community. 1 by getting hired directly by one of our clients through the Virtual Latinos Directory (since Oct 1st, 2020 this is NO longer available) or 2 through the Virtual Latinos Agency where businesses contact our company and request our help to find, select, interview, and find the best virtual assistant for their needs.

Working directly with a client who contacts you through the Directory

If you are hired directly, the client paid a fee to Virtual Latinos to be able to communicate with you and hire you through our Directory and messaging platform, but all the hiring process and contract details will be done between you and the client.

The client will be responsible for paying for your working hours, extending your working hours, and any other arrangements that may be needed. All your communication is with your contractor, in this case, the client, who accepted your proposal through the Virtual Latinos platform.

Working through the Virtual Latinos Agency

If you are hired through the Virtual Latinos Agency, you would be handpicked by the Agency to start the process depending on your skills. All your communication during the hiring process would be with and through Virtual Latinos. You will see the job posts under Virtual Latinos on the platform.

You will sign a contract with Virtual Latinos, and the Virtual Latinos Agency will be responsible for your payment every two weeks. All communication regarding payment, working extra hours, the hiring agreement and everything related to your work as an assistant should be through Virtual Latinos first, and NOT directly with the client you’d be working with.

When you’re working through the Agency, you’re legally contracted by Virtual Latinos, to work as a virtual assistant for one of their clients. You’re not actually hired by the client you’d be working with, the client you’re working with has a separate services agreement between them and the Virtual Latinos Agency.

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