Can my virtual assistant make outbound calls for me?

Want to hire a virtual assistant who can make outbound calls for you?

Great, our affordable virtual assistants from Latin America can make outbound calls on your behalf.

First, let us remind you that when hiring virtual assistants and virtual marketers through Virtual Latinos is very flexible. You decide whether you want to hire a virtual assistant directly using our Directory, or find and hire a virtual assistant through our Agency.

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Details of how virtual assistants can make calls for you

Regardless of the method you choose to hire from, the virtual assistant you’ve chosen will work for your business as either as a dedicated virtual assistant, or a shared one.

This means that that you’ll have the freedom to choose what you’d like your virtual assistant to do. You’ll also be responsible for managing and overseeing their work, which gives you complete flexibility of how and what you’d like them to perform during their work hours with you – including making outbound calls for you.

How to setup your assistant to make outbound calls

The following steps are simply our recommendation, and you’re totally able to change the steps, tools or systems as you prefer.

1. Sign-up for a software that allows your assistants to make outbound calls


2. Get a local phone number to make outbound calls from.

  • This helps ensure your clients think they’re receiving a local call from within the US/Canada – rather than from Latin America.
  • You can usually choose an either paid or free phone number with your local area code to be used with Skype or Google Voice.
  • Assistants in Latin America can make calls from their computer while masking the call’s phone ID number to look like they’re calling from a local number.


3. Learn how to use the technology and calling systems you’ve chosen

  • Don’t expect your assistant to know how to use the systems you’ve signed up for. They may or may not yet have experience using the systems you’ve chosen, but they’ll be happy to learn how to use them. But first, you’ll need to learn how to use them yourself, so you can teach them how to use it.
  • Don’t have time to learn? No problem, that’s what your assistant is for. You can request that your assistant invest work hours on learning how to use the system you’ve chosen for them to use. It will take them some time to learn, so just be patient. Otherwise, learn yourself and save them the learning curve.
  • Remember that the Virtual Latinos assistants aren’t working from a call center, so each of them has different standards and ways of communicating with the outside world.


4. Train your virtual assistant on how to make outbound calls

  • Once you’ve learned how the outbound call software and systems you’ve chosen work, it’s time to teach your assistant how to use them.
  • Be sure that you make a few test calls to ensure that the calls work as you expect them to.
  • Check for call quality, that the phone number you’d like to show up on the caller ID works, and that the overall call experience is a positive one.


5. Create a process for how you’d like your virtual assistant to make outbound calls

  • Every entrepreneur, business, or professional has a different way in which they make outbound calls. Some focus on outbound calls for sales, other make outbound calls only to existing clients or to leads who’ve already shown interested in your company’s products or services.
  • The best way to create a process is to write it down. Open up a Google Drive or Word document and spend some time creating an operating procedure, or a short list of the steps you’d like your virtual assistant to follow when making calls in your behalf.
  • Learn 6 best practices for a successful outbound call strategy.
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