Virtual Latinos Agency: Client's Quick Reference Guide

The following introduction and quick reference guide are meant for clients who hire our virtual assistants (VA) through the Virtual Latinos Agency process only. If you’re a client hiring directly through the Virtual Latinos Directory, these terms may not apply to you.

Virtual Latinos Agency: Client’s Intro & Quick Reference Guide

When you, our client, choose to hire a VA through the Virtual Latinos Agency, our expert recruitment team is in charge of the entire hiring process, including searching, finding, selecting the best candidates, doing preliminary interviews, and more.

Once you decide to hire one of our VAs, legally speaking, you’ll be actually hiring our company’s services. You will not be hiring our VAs directly, as that legal relationship is managed by our company.  Our legal company is called Bloominari, LLC which is based in California, USA. The brand Virtual Latinos is used to market and offer our virtual assistant services.



Initial Onboarding Session
After you sign the hiring agreement, our success manager will setup a 3-way live virtual meeting on Zoom between you (Client), the VA, and our success manager. During this short 30 minute session, we’ll provide you with very important tips on how to start, build and maintain a successful work relationship with your new VA. We’ll cover some basic housekeeping info about work hours, schedules, goals, tasks, responsibilities, and rules as well as suggest and show you the tools and resources we recommend all of our clients to use.

We believe that building trust, having great communication, and acting professionally are three important keys to a successful, long-term Client-VA relationship.  Therefore, our success team will always be here to continuously provide you and the VA with the support and tools you need to achieve this.

Contacting Our Team
To make sure you reach the right person from our team, here’s a quick list of who you should get in touch with depending on what you need.


Ongoing Work
After the one-time onboarding session with our team’s success manager, all day-to-day communication will be directly between you and your VA. This includes training your VA, assigning them tasks, meeting with them, reviewing their work, setting goals, etc.

If you have any type of trouble, our dedicated success manager Jennifer is always ready to help you at

  • Communication:
    • Quick communication: Most clients communicate with our VAs through Telegram, Slack, or WhatsApp. Others use other similar tools, the choice is yours.
    • Phone calls with your team: Usually via WhatsApp Calls or Telegram Calls
    • Phone calls with your clients (if needed): Our clients recommend and use RingCentral, 8×8, Nextiva,, or Vonage
    • Meetings: We suggest you use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype
  • Project Management: During our onboarding call with you and the VA, we’ll encourage you to use a project management (PM) system to keep track of all the tasks you’ll assign to your VA
    • Not all clients have an existing system, so we recommend them to use Infinity, Teamwork, Asana or Trello
    • If you already use a PM system, you may invite your VA to join your existing platform. If you’ve never used one, your VA may be able to help you make a list of all the tasks, to-dos, deadlines, etc that you’d like to assign to them. Your VA can even learn and teach you and your team how to use a PM system.
    • In some cases, a PM system is only used by the VA and not the Client and that’s fine too. Remember, the goal is to take tasks off your to-do list.
  • Time Tracking: Our Agency requires that all VAs track their work hours for at least the first 3 months using one of the tools we recommend. If needed, you can also request your VA to track time for as long as you’d like them to
    • Time tracking tools we recommend: Clockify | Toggl | TimeDoctor | HubStaffWorkPuls (Most of our VAs use Clockify or Toggl’s free version)
    • Already have your own time-tracking tool? No problem, your VA can also use it instead of the ones we recommend. We just need to make sure your VA can export their time-tracking reports, so they can submit them to us in order to get paid.
    • If you don’t tell your VA which system you prefer, they’ll use whichever one they prefer.


Changes to Work Hours & More
If you’d like to request any changes to your VA’s work hours, you can do so practically at any time, as long as you always meet your agreement’s terms and our minimums in order to keep working with your VA

      • Minimum Hiring Period: Our standard agreement requires every client to commit to paying at least 40 hours of VA services. This can be done 40 hours in one week, 20 hours in 2 weeks, or 10 hours for 4 weeks.
      • Minimum Hours Per Week: Once you start working with you VA, you’re allowed to change the number of hours your VA works, as long as it’s always a minimum of 10 hours/week per VA.
      • Types of Changes You May Request: The following changes may be requested anytime after the first week of work is completed, except if it’s not permitted by your agreement’s initial hiring requirements.
        • Request additional (extra) work hours:  We’ve created the “Bank of Hours” (BOH) packages to support our clients who need their VAs to work additional hours outside their weekly “Base hours”. Clients will now be able to purchase pre-approved combos (10, 20 or 40 hours packages) for VA to use upfront.
          • The prepaid 10, 20 or 40 hours combos can be used up to 6 months from the date they’re approved. 
          • You must first complete the Changes & Approvals Form to purchase the BOH package of 10, 20 or 40 hours for each of the VAs that works with you.
            – The client has the option to choose to “auto-renew” their BOH once the VA has used all the hours in their current BOH. Auto-renewing is optional.
          • For further details: Billing, additional hours and bonuses
        • Request change to base (regular) hours/week worked: This refers to increasing or decreasing the base “regular” hours your VA works/week.
          • Example: Increasing your VA’s work hours from 20/week to 30/week. You will then billed for these new base (regular) every week thereafter.
        • Request change to VA’s work schedule: This is normally determined directly between you and the VA, and our team simply needs to be informed by email. Your billing will not be affected in any way.
        • Limits to how often Clients can request changes to base hours: Please visit this article for more details


    Payments & Billing:

    Payments for your VA’s services are due every 2 weeks, most commonly on Fridays. When hiring through the Agency, you pay us for the VA’s services, and we pay our  VAs.

    • Payment for Services: As a reminder, as per our service agreement all of our clients are billed on a bi-weekly basis. Every 2 weeks, you are billed for the base hours per week you requested to hire your VA for. This full amount is due and payable every 2 weeks, even if a VA does not complete the complete amount of minimum hours.
      • Base hours & Hours Not Worked: If the VA does not complete all the weekly base hours, the VA will be responsible for sending clients an email informing them how many hours of the base hours were completed. Any missed hours shall be made-up (worked) before/after any work hours/days missed.
      • Special Exceptions: ONLY when the VA has missed work hours or days in rare cases where the VA did not let their client know in advance of their need to miss work hours/days, then our team will edit your invoice to represent the actual hours worked instead of the base hours agreed to in your contacts. This is not very common, and may only occur in very specific cases.
    • Payment Method: We only accept digital payments.
      • Most clients pay with their US-based checking bank accounts, as an online ACH payment through our payments system (no fees).
      • We also accept Venmo (no fee), or Credit/Debit cards and Paypal (Fees apply).
      • We do not accept physical checks or money orders.
    • Payment Type: Most payments are post-paid, at the end of each week once the VA services have been rendered. Yet, in some cases, we do require pre-payments
    • Billing & Payments Schedule:
      • Post-Payments: This is the most common, and part of our standard agreement. Payments are due bi-weekly on Fridays, during the same week after VA services are rendered. Invoices are sent 4 days in advance at the beginning of the work week on Mondays.
      • Pre-Payments: If you prefer to pay every 4 weeks, we can offer this as long as you pay this in advance before VA services are rendered.
    • Automatic Payments:
      • We set up bi-weekly automatic payments using a client’s checking account (no fees) or credit cards (fees apply). This must be setup by our staff on our systems to start working with your VA
    • Payment Terms and hourly rates: Should be discussed ONLY with Virtual Latinos and NEVER directly with your VA.
      IMPORTANT NOTE:  You should never discuss payment terms, payment rates, or any other payment-related issues directly with our VAs. You must always contact us first.


    Bonuses & Commissions
    By default, bonuses and commissions are always optional and never required or expected by your VA. In most cases, 100% of any bonus or commission you’d like to pay to your VA will be passed directly to your VA, where our company doesn’t keep any part of that bonus or commission. In some cases, if the client is made aware in advance, our company may take a small percentage of a bonus or commission (but this is VERY rare).

    VL Schedule to process bonuses/commissions from Clients to VAs: 

    Bonuses & commissions will be processed approximately once per month, up to 13 times per year, every 4 weeks and Clients will be requested to complete the Changes & Approvals Form accordingly.

    • Bonus or Commission Amount: This is almost always determined by the Client, and is generally determined by a VA’s work performance, success or reaching a goal.
      • Note: We can only process bonuses of $50 USD or more without any additional processing and transaction fees. If you want to offer less than $50, we charge a $10 processing fee. You can also simply wait until the bonuses you’d like of offer add up to $50 or more to avoid any fees.
    • Payments Schedule: You can choose to offer and pay bonuses or commissions to your VA once per month.

    Payments Processing & Delivery to the VA: Our company must always process all bonuses and payments by charging our clients directly, and we then, in turn, will pay that bonus or commission to the VA. Currently, our company does not charge any additional processing fees, as these payments are simply added to our VA’s regular payments.

    • ACTION Item: Want to offer a bonus/commission to your VA? Great, it’s very easy to do so. Simply fill out this form, and we’ll take care of the rest:

VAs Sick Days, Time-Off or Vacations

First, the most important thing you should know is that any type of your VA’s time-off – including sick days, holidays, time-off or vacations – is NON-PAID by default. Yet, if you choose to offer your VA paid time off, you certainly are welcome to do so. Yet, this is not common for most of our clients and not expected, but we do have several clients that offer either some paid holidays, paid sick days, and/or vacation.

Second, your VA is required to always discuss any potential plans for vacations and time-off with you before they’re approved to do so. You, the client, must then approve these requests in writing before our company can give the official and final approval in order for the VA to take time off.

Important Definitions

  • Sick Leave (Unplanned)
    • Unexpected Sick Days: This is defined by a real day a VA may get sick and is unable to work, usually up to 4 business days. If this occurs, naturally the VA won’t be able to perform his/her work, and our company is not able to find any short-term VA to replace or fill-in while your VA is out sick.
    • Extended Sick Leave: 5 days or more of being sick, wich an unknown date for returning to work. If this occurs, you can decide after 2 weeks whether to cancel your services or wait for the VA to get healthy and get back to working with you.
  • Time-Off (Planned)
    • Short time-off: Local US or Latin American holidays, personal time off, etc (1-4 business days off)
    • Vacations: 1 to 3 consecutive weeks off (5-15 business days off)
  • How Your Billing Is Affected
    • Short time-off: When the VA misses 1 to 4 days of work, in most cases the VA will “make-up” the missed work hours either before or after they took time-off, in order to avoid getting paid a partial payment. In this case, there will be no changes to your regular billing or the VA’s regular payments.
    • Extended time-off: If the VA misses 5 days (1 business week) of work or more, our company will generally pause the VA’s payments for 1 or more weeks, and will also pause/skip billing you accordingly on a week-per-week basis.
  • ACTION Item: Need to approve time-off or offer a paid vacation to your VA? To do so, please follow these simple steps
    1. Talk with your VA: Discuss with your VA the specifics of the time-off they’re requesting, or the paid time-off you’d like to provide them
    2. Decide what you’d like to approve: Let your VA know verbally or in writing what you’re willing to offer and/or approve
    3. Ask your VA to complete the official form to request time off: The form can be found here:
    4. Approve your VA’s official request in writing: Once your VA fills out the form, you’ll get an email from our company asking you to confirm and approve the details of the request in writing, via email.
    5. The VA can take time off: Once you approve, we’ll send the VA the official approval to take time off.
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