How it works to hire through the Virtual Latinos Agency?

The overall process of hiring through our Virtual Latinos Agency is as follows:

  1. Register for a Virtual Latinos Account as a Business / Employer
  2. Complete the Virtual Latinos Initial Short Survey so we can learn more about your hiring needs
  3. A member of the Virtual Latinos team will evaluate your hiring needs through to better understand what type of virtual assistant you’re looking for
  4. Our team will spend 5-7 business days to find and select the top 3-4 best virtual assistants to help you reach and complete your specific goals
    – On average our recruitment team evaluates 12-15 candidates for each role, interviews 7-8 of them 1-on-1 through Zoom, and selects the top 3-4 to send to each client
  5. Our team will make a short introduction to each of the potential candidates, so you may have a chance to interview each of them through a call or web video meeting.
  6. You’ll then be able to pick the candidate you’d like to hire by sending us a message that you’ve made your choice of whom you’d like to hire.
  7. You’ll decide which one of our plans you’d like to purchase, which start at 40 hours per month (10 hours/week). Learn more in our Plans & Pricing page.
    – Initial payments must be made weekly during the first month after an assistant completes their work.
    – If desired, you can also pre-pay all of your VAs work for the first 4 weeks, as well as pre-pay for work every 2 or 4 weeks to avoid getting weekly invoices.
  8. We’ll send you an initial work and hiring agreement for you to sign. It’s all digital, so no physical paperwork is needed.
  9. Once you sign the agreement, we’ll set up an introductory video call and will put you in touch with your new virtual assistant so that you can begin working together.
  10. Your assistant begins working for you.

NOTE: Keep in mind that virtual assistants are human, just like you. So it’s important that you spend a few hours or days speaking and/or training your new virtual assistant on how you’d like them to perform the tasks and jobs you’ll assign them. The better the instructions you provide, the better the deliverables of their work will be. Remember that your virtual assistant is now part of your team, so make sure you invest the necessary time to make them feel welcome and part of your organization.

Want to learn more?
If you’re interested in learning more about the process of hiring and working with virtual assistants from Latin America through our Agency, please contact us.

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