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What are the two different ways of getting hired on Virtual Latinos?

We used to offer 2 different ways of getting hired through Virtual Latinos.

  • VL Agency Hire
  • VL Directory Hire (As of Oct 1st, 2021, it is NO longer available) 

VL Agency Hire

If you get hired through our agency, you will get hired by one of our clients, but through the Virtual Latinos Agency. This means, that after sending a job proposal, one of our team members will contact you to start the process.

VL Agency Process

  • We generally promote a job opportunity through our platform, and you can find those jobs in your dashboard under “Find Work”. The jobs posted by “Virtual Latinos” are the jobs where our Agency is doing the hiring.
  • We share ALL of the Virtual Latinos job posts through our Telegram Broadcast Channel (Click to Join)
  • One of our team members might contact you via Telegram, to invite you to apply ( you can still send a proposal, even if you’re not invited via Telegram)
  • If you are interested and consider you have the skills to apply, you should send a GOOD PROPOSAL (View Short video)
  • The VL Agency team will review your proposal and contact you via Telegram to set an interview date
  • You will have the first interview via zoom video call with one of our team members
  • If you pass the first interview, our team will send your profile as an option to the client via email (approx. 3-4 options are sent)
  • The client selects 1 or 2 applicants to interview
  • If you are selected by the client, you will have a second interview with our client and our CEO or a team member
  • The client makes a final decision, we will contact you via Telegram and Email if you are selected
  • We will send a contract for you to sign
  • We will set a date for an onboarding call with you and our client

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VL Agency Terms

Note: Please make sure to download Telegram, join our group, the broadcast channel and stay active inside of the app, as it is our main channel of communication for agency hirings and general news. 

VL Directory Hire

When you are hired by a Directory client, you are getting hired directly by one of our Directory’s paying customers. This means they pay to get access to the Virtual Latinos Directory to find VAs and hire them directly (our agency is not involved in this process). You will be contacted directly by one of our clients.

VL Directory Process

  • A client posts a job on the dashboard
  • You might be contacted after sending a proposal (each job post might ask for different types of proposals/requirements)
  • You might get contacted by one of our clients directly through a message in our platform (even if you didn´t send a proposal for their job
  • The client is in charge of the entire process, from the interview to the payment
  • You will be legally hired by our client
  • You will sign a contract with our client and they will be in charge of all the terms


Please make sure to read: What should I do if I get hired by a client through the Virtual Latinos Directory?

  • You should always reply to our Directory clients through our platform (at least until the first interview with them)* If you are asked to reply directly via email, make sure to let the client know you should keep the conversation inside of the platform at least until the first interview with them*  
  • If you are actively looking for a job you should be active and reachable through our platform, make sure to check your inbox weekly, and reply to all the messages from our clients, even if you are not interested in their offer