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Perks package for Virtual Assistants

A healthy and happy workforce is a more productive workforce. By helping your employees stay healthy and happy, you can improve your bottom line! At Virtual Latinos, we care deeply about our clients and virtual professionals, and our main goal is for their work relationships to last the longest time possible. As we’ve experienced with […]

Schedule to process bonuses & commissions from Clients to VAs:

Schedule for Bonuses & Commissions – 2023 We’ve built a specific schedule to support our clients wanting to provide our VAs bonuses and/or commissions based on their work performance. Although we know these bonuses and/or commissions are totally optional we wanted to facilitate our schedule specially created for it. VL Schedule to process bonuses/commissions from […]

What is the Predictive Index and what is the behavioral assessment?

At Virtual Latinos, we are committed to helping our VAs with their professional development by matching them with the role best suited for them. For that reason, we are thrilled to announce that we have decided to partner with The Predictive Index (PI)—an organization that is equally committed to improving the working lives of people. […]

Virtual Assistant Proposal Instructions

NEW INSTRUCTIONS: Please apply through this Virtual Latinos platform and make sure you include all FOUR parts of the proposal in your submission (Introduction, Task Experience, Audio Clip, and Availability). Your answers can all be in the first person. Any and all parts of your proposal may be shared with the partner company whose job […]

Billing and payments system for Clients and VAs

From the very beginning, when you decide to be part of the Virtual Latinos’ community to hire a Virtual Professional, we make it our responsibility to make your life easier and lighter. At Virtual Latinos, we deeply appreciate your feedback regarding your experience with us, as this only helps us improve our processes and performance. […]

New Minimum Amount of Hours to Hire Through Virtual Latinos

From the very start, one of our goals has been to connect amazing and talented Latinos with companies from the US, Canada and the world to form long-term Client-VA relationships. To create a community where business owners and entrepreneurs can meet reliable Virtual Professionals to help them grow their company and VAs can find a […]