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Your all-in-one premium bundle to start (and scale) a successful online business in 2022

Your All-In-One Premium Bundle To Start (And Scale) A Successful Online Business In 2022

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When the world is changing faster than the plot of Lost, the bills are piling up, and the news keeps telling us things we don’t want to hear, it’s time to change the game.

Gurus talk about pivoting when things go sideways, that’s great for those who know how to pivot, but for the rest of us…Pivot from what – to where?

There’s a simple three-step way to figure this out:

  1. Think about what your focus is on, is it working for you? If not…
  2. Find out what is working (and especially what’s weathered the pandemic).
  3. Figure out what experts predict will continue to max out sales into the next year, even while there’s a pandemic. Here’s what we discovered…

According to Shopify, the top business opportunities for 2022 are Online!

  1. Dropshipping (The ultimate way to earn big with the least effort)
  2. Print on demand (Create it in Canva, and stick on a card, a mug, a t-shirt, a sticker, stationery, whatever you want and hello $$$)
  3. Handmade products (If you make things people like you need to be selling them online, many Etsy sellers earn thousands for their creations!)
  4. Digital products (Hint: Subscription services are super hot)
  5. Hiring a virtual assistant or virtual professional for sales, marketing, customer support, web design, SEO, copywriting, app development or simply to help you with time-consuming admin tasks.

That’s a lot of options to get creative online and earn or save money!

Plus, it’s something anyone can do, all you need is an idea you love, a few online tools and the know-how to get up and running. This means the barrier to creating your own successful online business is lower than a speed bump.

Now, we wouldn’t share an awesome opportunity like this to change your life without also giving you exactly what you need to take advantage of this…

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So whether you’re a total novice needing to know how to turn your business idea into a reality or you’ve got an online business but want to grow into a six-figure earner like a pro, there’s no better place to start than with Online Business Toolkit 2.0.

Online Business Toolkit 2.0 is your complete, A to Z resource to plan, start, and scale your own profitable online business. With over $3,400+ worth of incredible tools and resources at an extra special early bird price of $49, this is THE deal of the year for online business creators.

With over 20+ world-class resources from today’s top online entrepreneurs, founders, copywriters, lawyers, brand experts and marketers choosing the top products wasn’t easy.

With Online Business Toolkit 2.0, you will:

☑️ Write killer emails (even cold ones) that convert!
☑️ Choose the perfect online business to suit your style and needs, even if you’ve never had one before
☑️ Access a host of templates to organize, protect, and grow your reach and earnings
☑️ We’re also including our offer of $160 Credit Toward Virtual Latinos Virtual Assistance (VA): 20 Hours’ of Entry-Level Virtual Assistance in the Online Business Toolkit 2.0!

Our virtual assistant services are designed for people looking to hire part-time or full-time virtual assistants to help with different tasks.

Roles we can help you find include:

– General Admin Assistants
– Executive Assistants
– General Digital Marketers
– Customer Support
– Sales & Customer Reps
– Writers & Bloggers
– Project & Operations Managers
– Branding & Graphic Designers
– Social Media Marketers
– E-mail & Automation Experts
– Web designers
– Video editors
– Legal Virtual Assistants
– Healthcare Virtual Assistants
– Many other roles

  • Requires a minimum hiring of 20 hours/week, with a minimum commitment of 80 hours per VA hired
  • A $200 deposit is required prior to presenting clients with personalized VA candidates to interview. Deposit is applied as a credit to pay for the VA’s services

Benefits from our company and VAs include:

– Affordable pricing, starting at just $8/hr for entry-level, full-time VAs
– VAs located in Latin America, all in the same timezone as the US
– Hire the top 2-3% of Latin American talent
– Hand-picked top-vetted professionals
– Experienced professionals also available (mid to expert level VAs)
– University graduates, 95% or more of our VAs are college graduates
– Fully bilingual in English and Spanish
– English tested
– Personality test required
– Long-term work relationship (Not project-based)
– No recruitment fees

Take advantage of the InfoStack offer of 20 FREE hours of an entry-level VA (20 hours at $8/hr, or credit for $160 for any other VA level)

Hire an assistant starting 20hrs

There’s just one catch:

This special $49 early bird offer ends on Thursday, Jan 20th at midnight EST! After that, the price will jump to $67…(and never be offered at this inflation-busting low price of $49 ever again!)

P.S. We only recommend tools and resources we use, and Online Business Toolkit 2.0 is no different. Cary and the rest of the gang over at Infostack have a rigorous selection process. They get hundreds of submissions from bestselling authors, leaders, and experts, but they only pick the best of the best for each collection.

That means you can rest assured this entire bundle is full of world-class resources you won’t find anywhere else for this price.

Bottom line: this is a bundle we think all online business creators and owners should have, and we don’t want you to miss out.

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