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Tips to Maximize Marketing Efforts in Law Firms

Tips to Maximize Marketing Efforts in Law Firms

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Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Digital marketing is an important aspect of all successful businesses, including law firms. The major benefit of digital marketing for law firms is to increase brand visibility, grow the client base, and increase the firm’s revenue. A strategic and well-formulated digital marketing plan that will generate leads and bring potential clients who are seeking your services to the website is easily achieved with a virtual assistant.

Outsourcing digital marketing activities to skilled professionals with experience, like those at Virtual Latinos in marketing, will maximize returns on your efforts. Using their expertise and previous knowledge of what works best for the industry, a virtual assistant can help your law firm accomplish its goals.

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Competition amongst law firms is quite high due to the high volume of firms that seemingly offer the same services. Well-executed marketing gives the firm a chance to show potential clients what makes them different and why they are the best choice. Additional components of maintaining a competitive edge within the industry include possessing top-notch talent, running efficient firm operations, and consistently emphasizing the human touch for all clients.

Conducting market research to see what other law firms are using in their digital marketing efforts is an area where virtual assistants excel and is an essential part of your firm’s success.

Social Media

Social media presence for law firms is crucial to the acquisition of new clients, it is becoming increasingly important to meet potential clients where they are. Most people are turning to social media channels to find law firms. Because of this, an active social media presence is essential. Social media can also bring visualization to somewhat abstract ideas within the law and all the operations that go into working with a lawyer.

With social media marketing, it is important to analyze which platform is most useful and drives the most traffic back to the firm website. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all examples of social media platforms where the legal industry and law firms see the best results. A virtual assistant is someone who can accurately track this data and apply it to future social media marketing efforts.


A law firm can increase its online presence via effective digital marketing. Well-done digital marketing includes valuable content creation, informative email marketing, and a consistent social media presence. All of these contribute to the firm’s positive brand recognition and will ultimately draw in potential clients to generate income while maintaining current client relations.

All throughout the business world, social media demands big maintenance effort due to its constant need for content creation, engagement, and monitoring. This is why offloading these tasks to a virtual assistant becomes incredibly beneficial. Another big platform to maintain is a website blog. Keeping a blog on your website allows the firm to show its personality with the content they publish.

Although the legal industry can feel very cut and dry, it is important to build a personality for the firm within the industry. Showing clients the “human touch” of the firm will create more trust. Open lines of communication between firms and clients in the form of a community manager create a sense of community. A community manager is there to field questions and get them directed to the right people within the firm. Virtual marketing assistants are great people to have for this because they can run points for these projects.

A virtual assistant can help your firm accomplish all these objectives and tactics from a distance due to the virtual nature of these tasks whether a remote law firm or not, utilizing virtual marketing assistants to facilitate these aspects of your firm’s digital marketing plan couldn’t be easier.


Content marketing, in short, is the creation and sharing of valuable content with audience. Law firms can utilize content marketing through the sharing of useful content to make peole’s lives easier as they navigate the legal industry. Firms can also use content marketing at their convenience by utilizing a website blog and keeping their social media channels updated with relevant content with the help of virtual assistants.

The cost of graphic design and content writing or creation varies depending on where the work is being sourced from. U.S.-based freelance graphic designers charge on average $25 USD per hour, and depending on the experience level of the designer, the price may increase. Graphic designers based in Latin America may offer rates that are lower, often at half or even less than U.S.-based. On average, Latin American graphic designers charge $10 USD per hour for their work. For example, in Honduras, the average hourly rate is $4 USD, and in Colombia, the average hourly wage is $5 USD for graphic design work.

Visual elements are an important aspect of high-performing content. Alternatives for visual choices include photography and video selections; each is able to highlight the uniqueness of the firm and demonstrate the personality of the law firm. Video medium offers a lot of options for how to highlight aspects of the firm, for example, spotlighting a firm member. This allows the opportunity for clients to see who they are working with and continue to demonstrate the “human touch” of the firm.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital tool used in digital marketing strategies. Emails can be used to promote firm events, both in-person and online, and communicate new services offered by the firm. Emails also have the ability to be automatized and optimized, making it even easier for firms to use them to their advantage with the aid of a virtual assistant.

Data analytics and automatization

Digital marketing efforts are powered by data analytics. The best marketing strategies use the data of previous efforts to inform and improve future tactics. By collecting data from social media impressions and engagements and tracking interactions on emails and advertisements, law firms can see where their content is generating new clients.

The automation of digital marketing tasks allows marketers to focus on tasks that matter more and continue to improve the client’s experience with the firm.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website rank higher in Google searches with the usage of relevant content to consumers. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing are advertisements that allow businesses to bid on the chance to have their ad shown more on search engines such as Google. The businesses pay for the ad solely based on how many user clicks it receives.

SEO resources from U.S. companies, on average, cost from $100 to $250 USD per hour. For Latin American companies, the average price is $60 to $80 USD per hour. In México, SEO resources cost $15 USD per hour. PPC resources, on average, from U.S. companies cost $300 to $1,000 USD per month. Based on the size of the company using the PPC services, the cost of PPC marketing may increase. For Latin America, the average cost of PPC services is 51 U.S. cents. This number is also dependent on the country you’re operating in and the size of your company. For example, in Peru, the average PPC cost is 71 cents less than the U.S. average, and Costa Rica’s average is 73 cents less than the U.S. average.


Outsourcing digital marketing services is more time efficient and cost-effective for the law firm. Working with a virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos ensures quality work at an affordable price to maximize digital marketing efforts. Rates begin at $8 USD per hour for basic VAs, $11 USD per hour for specialized VAs, and $16 USD per hour for expert VAs.

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