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Virtual Work: 8 Tips for working remotely

Tips & How To's


Workers from across the globe are moving towards working from home as an attempt to stop Coronavirus from spreading.

As a Digital Worker at Virtual Latinos, make sure you are equipped with all the tools required to work remotely successfully.

Check below our shared tips and suggestions to make your home office work a successful experience.

Woman working remotely from her home

1. Set up a workspace

If you don’t have a dedicated home office, try to find an area of your home you can dedicate as a focused work area. If you are using tools like Zoom or Teams You can always use the background blur feature to keep teammates focused on you.

2. Communicate and communicate more

When working at home, possibly while balancing childcare, your core hours may change. Be sure to keep an open line of communication with your supervisor, team and clients when you are available. Use message features on your preferred communication tool to let people know your current working hours and availability.

3. Be seen and be heard

It’s important to use the optimal audio and video tools calls and conferences. Turn on your camera and use an external speaker when possible.

To create the best audio experience: ​

    • If you are in a quiet private space, use an external speaker like a USB speakerphone.
    • If you don’t have an external speaker, or you are in a loud or public place, use a headset.
    • If you use the speaker on your laptop, ensure that you are directly in front of and close to the laptop as the speaker may not be bi-directional and people will have a hard time hearing you if you are off to the side.​
    • When you are attending a meeting, remember to mute yourself when you aren’t speaking.​

To create the best video experience: ​

    • Turn on your video camera! ​
    • If you are in public setting or don’t want your background to be visible, you can always use background blur feature. Check your lighting; if you are sitting in front of a window you will be in a shadow. ​
    • For the optimal audio and visual experience, ensure that the internet connection is reliable. If possible, connect via an Ethernet cable for the strongest, most reliable signal. Most of the communication tools will alert you if you have a weak connection and offer suggestions to improve quality, stay alert.
    • Don’t have an external monitor at home? Split your screen!​

4. Connect with colleagues via Zoom, Skype, Hangout, Teams or other.

Use chats, threaded conversations and calls to stay close with your colleagues. Name, pin or hide your chats to stay organized and be sure to adjust your notifications settings to your own preferences.

5. Collaborate with clients and vendors

Chats, calls and meetings will keep you connected with external contacts. Always be sure you apply the right permissions to files you are sharing. Download Telegram Mobile app if you don’t have it already, as it’s an easy way to multitask, letting you chat on one device while searching/working on files on the other.

6. Explore virtual meeting options

If you can’t bring groups of people together physically, explore and learn about available options for virtual meetings, including Teams meetings, Live Events and Broadcasts. It’s important to be able to help your clients and vendors know how to join meetings you have scheduled.

7. Work via your mobile device

Make sure you have all the handy tools and apps on your mobile device to stay connected while on the go. Every day we find ourselves on the go and need to connect, collaborate and create with our mobile devices. Working virtually can often increase this need. So, if you aren’t already using your mobile device for work, now is the time to get started!

Freelance virtual assistant working from home

8. Stay Truly Human

Explore tips on establishing a structure to your day, ensuring you are striking a balance between work and personal time, all at home.

  • Key to staying focused when you are creating and working remotely is establishing a structure and proactively balancing your screen time, finding the right place to work and connecting with people
  • Set a routine to start your day and mentally get into work mode – get your coffee, read your emails + messages, etc., and do what you typically do during a workday.
  • Think about your “virtual dress code” as you will be connecting with people via video.
  • Ensure you have a dedicated place to work that is quiet, has enough space for you to work, and allows you to focus. Ergonomics is important so think about your desk height and your chair.

Avoid working in bed. If you start working in bed you’ll likely get sleepy or have a hard time feeling truly awake. Instead, get up and make your bed first thing in the morning, just like any other day. Avoid the urge to work in your bedroom at all, unless that’s the only space where you have privacy.

If you do have to work in bed, creating a sense of “going to work” will help you. That means changing out of your Pijamas, washing your face, getting coffee, whatever makes you feel awake, do that first. Once you start working, sit up and avoid working in your bed if you’re exhausted.

It’s a good idea to treat your bedroom as a sacred space where you only go to sleep or relax. Once it becomes your office, you’ll find it hard to avoid thinking about work 24/7.

Using mobile devices to work remotely

  • Working from home, or remotely, often leads to increased screen time and less time away from your desk. Take breaks, go for a walk, and get up from your desk regularly. Avoid working where you’ll be tempted or distracted. One of the keys to successfully working from home is to pretend you’re at an office so don’t work somewhere that will tempt or distract you, that means don’t work with a TV on, and if laundry or dishes are calling your name, avoid them! Get your chores done before you begin work and save time for binging Netflix once you’re done for the day.
  • Set boundaries with other people at home.

Working from home with roommates, friends or family present can be challenging. Sometimes if someone comes over and sees you on the computer, they may not register that you’re working. This is true especially if that person has never worked from home before, they may assume you can do whatever you want.

It’s important to set boundaries with people around you in work from home settings. Tell everyone who’s home with you that you’ll be working as a virtual assistant during certain hours and to not disturb you unless it’s an emergency. Put a sign on your door if you must. Doing what you can to avoid interruptions is key to staying as productive as possible.

Take breaks every 75 to 90 minutes, for about 15 minutes per break. Ideally, your break should involve no screens at all and let you get some fresh air. Take a walk outside, play with a pet or talk to a friend. You’ll find that you’re much more productive if you walk away from your desk and computer throughout the day.

  • Connect with colleagues, team members and others. Virtual “water cooler” chats are a great break. Avoid total social isolation.

And when you’re ready to sign off for the day, truly unplug and try to resist the urge to check your messages frequently. Enjoy your free time!

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10 Ways a Latin American Virtual Marketer Can Grow Your Marketing Agency


Marketing agencies are some of the busiest businesses in the world. Modern marketing is an incredibly fast-paced field. Many agencies struggle to balance their day-to-day responsibilities. The average marketing agency will handle all types of promotional services for its clients, including marketing campaign planning and management, branding, visual design, social media marketing, and much more. Not only do marketing agencies need to handle all these tasks quickly and efficiently on a consistent basis, but they must also connect with new clients and provide excellent results to current ones.

Top virtual assistant companies can be tremendous assets to modern marketing agencies for several reasons. It can be incredibly stressful for even experienced marketing professionals to keep track of their day-to-day obligations while delivering stellar results to their clients and finding new ones. If your agency has struggled to meet a demanding client’s expectations due to overwhelming administrative tasks and countless obligations on strict timetables, hiring a virtual assistant can make a significant positive difference in your business outcomes.

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How to Boost Your SEO With the Help of a Virtual Assistant


4 Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants for Small Business SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for any modern business of any size. However, many small business owners struggle to keep up with the tasks necessary to ensure their businesses keep running, such as hiring new employees and training them, tracking inventory, establishing business contacts, and much more. It can be easy for a small business owner to neglect the importance of SEO. Others don’t want to neglect it; they are just unable to dedicate the necessary time and effort into ensuring the business website continues to rank well in search engine results.

How Can Virtual Assistants Help With SEO?

The average small business owner typically wears many different hats during the initial phases of getting a company off the ground. For example, a business owner may handle both the customer-facing side of a business as well as administrative tasks behind the scenes like payroll, paying bills, managing inventory, and cultivating strong relationships with vendors and service providers.

A business owner may have some grasp of SEO and its role in modern digital marketing but simply does not have the time or energy to take on yet another business-critical task with the attention it deserves. They want their businesses to rank well in search engines. One of their best options may be to hire virtual assistants.

Consistent Attention and Effort Are Crucial

Modern SEO requires constant effort and attention; it is not something you configure once and forget about as search engine algorithms and customer behaviors are constantly evolving. Successful SEO for small business hinges on capturing a local market by ensuring relevant searches always lead customers to the business and a small business virtual assistant can be a tremendous asset in this effort by taking SEO-related tasks off a small business owner’s plate so the owner can focus on growing the business.

Delegate Your SEO Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

Most virtual assistant companies offer virtual assistants capable of handling a wide range of services that can alleviate the stress of running a business. Small business owners can delegate tasks accordingly to the virtual assistants they hire, including some of the basic but essential parts of crafting successful SEO strategies. A virtual personal assistant can lighten the load on a small business owner by completing various SEO-related tasks, like:

1- A virtual assistant can handle keyword research. Businesses need to constantly track the keywords they rely on to rank well in search engine results. Delegating regular keyword research to a marketing virtual assistant can help ensure the business is not overbidding on hyper-competitive keywords and that they are leveraging the right keywords in their published content for better search engine rankings.

2- If you’re a small business owner struggling to craft valuable, high-ranking content for your website geared for SEO, find a virtual assistant to create and maintain a content publishing calendar. This can help keep your content creation team focused while providing you with trackable benchmarks to see how your SEO strategies improve over time.

3- A virtual assistant can keep track of guest posting and link building opportunities. Linking your content to high-quality, valuable content related to your industry builds your authority and can help you rank better in search engines, but it requires a great deal of time and research that many small business owners simply do not have most days.

4- Virtual assistants can easily handle social media posting for a small business, connecting with potential local customers and cultivating strong relationships by answering their questions and concerns as quickly as possible. Many small business owners create profiles on Facebook and other social media sites, but too often forget to pay close attention to what people are discussing on their pages and customers may feel neglected.

Small business owners in any industry cannot afford to let their SEO strategies fall by the wayside. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a fantastic solution for any small business owner struggling to find the time to dedicate to SEO. The investment a small business owner makes in a virtual assistant will pay off tremendously in the long run with time, resources, and energy saved, affording the owner with more freedom to focus on running the business.

Don’t Sleep on Small Business SEO – Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

Virtual Latinos offers small business owners access to top virtual assistant services with experienced, professional, and SEO-savvy virtual assistants. Some of the marketing virtual assistants we connect to our small business clients actually run their own Latin American marketing agencies in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and all over Central and South America. Others are dedicated and hardworking freelancers with extensive and diverse experience in the world of modern SEO.

Contact Virtual Latinos today to learn more about how hiring a remote virtual assistant for small business can take your SEO strategy to the next level.

Your Small Business Market Research Guide

Tips & How To's

Market Research 101: Understand what your customers really desire

Many small business owners have countless things to worry about on any given day. Things like marketing and customer relationship management to often fall by the wayside to make way for pressing concerns like maintaining a stable inventory and employee retention. However, market research is a crucial component of any business’s success.

How Does Market Research Help Small Businesses?

Small business owners who devote time to market research in the earliest stages of forming their companies tend to see the greatest success over time. A small business may have a stellar product and employees ready to provide fantastic customer experiences, but these assets are only valuable if the company can reach its target audience. Market research is about much more than just identifying your ideal customers, however.

Improve Customer Experiences

When you take time to get to know your target consumer base, you can offer them better experiences than your competitors. For example, have you considered expanding your product and service offerings to customers outside the United States, such as the Latin American or South American markets? A small business virtual assistant could help you provide customers in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, or any other country in Latin America with much better experiences thanks to bilingual customer service. Once you research your market base, you can cater to their lifestyles and preferences more effectively.

Set Yourself Up for Future Success 

Market research helps you develop effective strategies for serving your target customers that can carry your business for years to come. Starting your small business strong with effective customer communication and top-notch service cultivates brand loyalty. The customers who have great experiences with you in the early days of your company thanks to market research are likely to keep returning to you in the future.

Market Research Keeps You in Touch

Improved customer retention rates are an undeniable benefit of conducting thorough market research for any company. However, effective research strategies also help brands stay in touch with their market’s trends, needs, and desires. Consumers may feel loyal to you after a few good experiences in your early days, but you can’t expect their tastes and preferences to remain the same forever. A virtual assistant service can be tremendously beneficial in this aspect by taking some of the market research responsibility off the rest of your team’s shoulders and streamlining market research during market upheavals and other developing trends.

Market Research Grows Your Business

As you research your ideal customer types, the best ways to engage with your target customers and develop your strategy for long-term customer retention, you will likely find new ways to improve customer experiences and reach new customers. Hiring a virtual assistant can be tremendously beneficial in this regard; while you work on the major objectives for your business strategy, you could assign your virtual assistant to follow up on potential leads, research new markets for future expansion, and basically keep a running market research strategy going behind the scenes.

Developing Your Market Research Strategy

Every company has different goals and core values. The goal of conducting market research is to identify customers who will resonate the strongest with your core values and find your products and services valuable to their lives. Build an effective market research strategy so you can establish a strong brand identity your customers will trust.

Define Clear Objectives

Any effective market research strategy should have clear goals to guide the research process and keep the team focused. Start by assessing your current market reach and think of ways to grow. For example, if your business is looking to break into new consumer markets in Latin America, target the countries you want to focus on the most and start building a plan to connect with those customers. If this is a new territory for your business, a marketing virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos can streamline the market research process with bilingual customer service and communications.

Identify Your Target Customers

Once you’ve identified your geographic targets, start thinking of the types of customers who would resonate most with your brand, your products, and your services. Develop customer profiles that act as personas for honing your marketing strategy. For example, if your business caters to different age groups, you could develop specialized marketing campaigns that appeal to your different customer demographics. A virtual personal assistant could be a fantastic addition to your team to help with online market research remotely.

Track Customer Engagement Over Time

Construct a mapped buyer’s journey for your target customers. Every customer goes through a journey or process with a brand for virtually every purpose. Map out the interactions you hope to have with your clients, from capturing leads to converting occasional customers into dedicated buyers.

Find Reliable Help with Market Research with a New Virtual Assistant

Marketing is an ongoing process for any business, and while many small business owners think that marketing is the stuff of large corporations, this is not the case. Small business owners can see tremendous growth and increasing success overtime when they devote appropriate resources to market research. An affordable virtual assistant service can be a tremendous asset for any small business struggling with market research.

Virtual Latinos coordinates virtual personal assistant services for countless businesses across the country, providing bilingual customer service experts, marketing professionals, and administrative support professionals to small businesses at affordable rates. Contact Virtual Latinos today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant to assist with market research for your small business.

5 Ways a Latino Virtual Assistant Can Boost Your Online Marketing Strategy



Increase your brand’s online presence by hiring an effective virtual Latino marketing assistant!

Marketing strategy is a crucial component in gaining an edge over your competitors. Although eCommerce owners might not have the time to create and execute an extensive marketing strategy, a Latino virtual assistant with marketing experience does. Hire a virtual assistant to address the areas of content marketing that your brand may be lacking.

1. Managing Your Social Media Marketing

Social marketing is one of the most popular ways that brands can connect with their audience while still increasing web traffic. Many consumers look to social media reviews and demonstrations to determine if they want to buy a product or service.

Hire the best virtual assistant sourced from countries like El Salvador to create content, like blogs, polls, and customer Q&A for your website and knowledge base. This allows your page to stay fresh and relevant, communicating to consumers that you are not only a reliable brand but one that is willing to interact with their customers. On the technical side, an assistant will help create an interaction schedule and monitor your accounts. Social sites provide valuable consumer data that your assistant can collect data on.

Allow a Latino virtual assistant to help you build brand trust through your social media presence. Consistency is key – an assistant can provide this in spades.

2. Establishing Ad Campaigns and Promotional Content

Ad campaigns and promotions are significant because they reach out to consumers that are not already customers. A marketing virtual assistant from one of several Latin countries will boost your marketing strategy by meeting your brand’s need to campaign both digitally and in real life. Qualified to assist in securing non-digital forms of advertising like billboard and bus ads, virtual assistants can also expertly advertise on the web. Establishing banner-ads and click-through links on relevant websites garner the attention of people who might not have heard about your business before.

Hire a Latin American virtual assistant to facilitate this level of campaigning and get your brand name out into the world.

3. Maintaining Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing might seem outdated, but it is still an effective way to reach out and maintain an interested customer base. Email communication done well will have your customers waiting for their next notification. Add a Latino virtual assistant to your team to create a phenomenal marketing newsletter that will keep your customers wanting more. And if you already have an email content writer, a virtual personal assistant can help with the technical aspects of email marketing, like setting up the emails in your system and making sure that all links are consistently in working order.

Don’t wait to level-up your email marketing strategy – consider calling on the help of a professional, experienced Latino virtual marketer to maintain consistent communication.

4. Conducting Marketing Research

Marketing research achieves two main goals: 1) deciphering the preferences of existing and potential customers and 2) learning more about your competitors.

Customer Preference
Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to find out how your customers feel about your eCommerce. They can look at reviews that communicate how consumers feel about your brand currently and uncover overall buyer behavior by analyzing consumer patterns.

Competitor Research
Competitor research keeps you informed about the new services and/or technology that other brands in your industry are utilizing in their own marketing strategy. A Latin American virtual assistant can help you conduct your own marketing espionage by analyzing the marketing and advertising methods that other brands are using to stand out.

Stay up-to-date on what your customers and competitors are up to by hiring a virtual assistant.

5. Developing Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are an effective way to build your eCommerce’s email list. They offer an incentive in exchange for a consumer’s email or contact information. A Latino virtual assistant can help you create lead magnets via eBooks, PDFs, videos, whitepapers, etc. Delegate this task to a virtual assistant and watch your email list grow.


Content marketing strategy is crucial in building a brand’s appeal, but it comes with a lot of time-consuming work. Any successful business must employ effective marketing strategies, but what if you can’t do this on your own? Instead of neglecting your marketing responsibilities, pass them on to a trusted assistant. By gaining an extra person, you also gain hours’ worth of work that you could not possibly complete on your own. Utilize one of the top virtual assistant companies, like Virtual Latinos, to lessen the burden on yourself and enhance the overall quality of your content.

Five Reasons to Work With a Latino Virtual Marketer to Grow Your Business

Hiring, Tips & How To's

Choose a Latino Virtual Assistant for Your Marketing Needs!

Affordable, Trustworthy, and Educated

Virtual marketers provide unmatched flexibility, affordability, and high work quality. You can see incredible returns on your investment when you hire one of these workers, especially when you opt for a Latino virtual marketer. Not only will you have the edge over your competition, but you will enjoy greater cultural compatibility and flexibility when you opt for a Latino virtual marketer!

What Are Latino Virtual Marketers & Why Should You Hire Them?

Do you need a marketer for your company but cannot find an adequate professional on your budget?

A Latino virtual marketer who works remotely from within Latin America is the solution for you.

A Latino virtual marketer is a bilingual professional with fluency in both Spanish and English that we hand-pick based on your company’s needs. Virtual Latinos’ Virtual Marketers have significant experience in the marketing area you need your worker for and hold a high degree of talent in their subject. Your virtual marketer lives in Latin America, but communicates with you on your schedule and time zone.

Latino virtual marketers provide a great number of advantages over other remote workers, such as:

  • Cultural and geographical proximity to the United States and Canada
  • Linguistic, work ethic, and educational similarities to American and Canadian workers
  • Professional communication skills that exceed North American standards
  • Time zone compatibility and less scheduling conflicts

How Do Latino Virtual Marketers Help With Marketing?

Learn what Latino Virtual Marketer do

Our virtual marketers have significant experience in multiple areas to help your business thrive. You can choose from a variety of virtual marketers to find a professional with the skill set you need. Virtual Latinos’ virtual marketing staff holds expertise in numerous sectors of marketing, such as:

  • General marketing assistance, including sales and administration tasks
  • Strategizing and implementing marketing campaigns
  • Updating and improving web content through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Design and branding, such as the development of professional graphics
  • Email marketing, including blasts, drip campaigns, and automation
  • The promotion of your products and services through Google and Facebook ads

#1: Hiring a Latino Virtual Marketer Gives You an Edge Over Competition

Maintain Higher Work Quality and Lower Costs

Your competitors often struggle to maintain a healthy personnel budget and balance a fair amount of work among employees. As a result, these companies either make a lower profit or have a more stressful work environment. When you hire a Latino virtual marketer, you receive the best of both worlds – you retain quality staff, produce high-caliber work, and spend less money on personnel costs. You can promote and sell your products and services at higher rates without the burden of overworking your current employees.

#2: Latino Virtual Marketers Are More Affordable Than Others

Lower Personnel Costs

When you hire a Latino virtual marketer through Virtual Latinos, you pay significantly less than you would if you hired a worker in your home country. You will have to pay for a higher salary, benefits packages, training hours, and additional benefits that you need for a comfortable work environment. However, Latino virtual marketers do not need these costs and are much more affordable to work with.

#3: Latino Virtual Marketers Help You Cut Back on Hiring Obligations

Easier Hiring Processes

When you hire a worker in your home country, you are on the hook for numerous obligations. You have to pay for benefits packages, training hours, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, payroll taxes, and the list goes on and on.

However, when you hire a Latino virtual marketer, you do not have to adhere to these obligations. The worker is a foreign subcontractor and all you need to do is send them a 1099 tax form. No tax calculations, no insurance requirements, no workers’ comp. Simple, affordable, and low-stress.

#4: Latino Virtual Marketers Provide Flexibility and Time Zone Compatibility

Easier Scheduling and Closer Time Zones

When you hire a Latino virtual marketer, they will work on your work schedule. You do not have to worry about making a call at a 2 pm local time to have your marketer pick up the phone at 1 am their time. In fact, there is usually only a couple of hours’ difference between your time zone and your virtual marketer’s. As a result, you enjoy greater flexibility and do not have to worry about sketchy scheduling.

#5: Latino Virtual Marketers Are Similar in Language and Culture

Greater Linguistic and Cultural Similarities

Due to their proximity to the United States and Canada, many virtual marketers in Latin America are similar in culture and language to you and your company. They understand how North American businesses operate because they have experience in this sector. In addition, all Virtual Latinos marketers are fluent in English and have a college education.

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