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Hire a Virtual Assistant for Customer Support, Cold Calling, and Follow-Ups



Sales is a demanding field, no matter what industry it is in. It’s not uncommon for a high-performing sales team to become so bogged down with administrative tasks and housekeeping issues that they lose time that should have been spent actually selling. Sales teams should consider the value that top virtual assistant services can provide.

The right virtual assistant can lighten the burden of administrative tasks so sales teams can focus on selling their products and services.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant can provide all the services a sales team would expect from a typical office assistant, but the virtual assistant provides these services remotely. Thanks to the internet and the speed of digital communication, telecommuting is more popular than ever. Companies can retain top talent from a much wider pool of international candidates thanks to remote work. A sales virtual assistant will have the experience necessary to understand a sales team’s needs and address them appropriately.

Many virtual assistant companies in the US offer remote services, but they tend to charge exorbitant prices for these services. Overseas virtual assistant companies may offer more attractive prices, but sales teams that rely on virtual assistants from the Philippines or other overseas nations often contend with time zone conflicts, language barriers, and unfamiliarity with the North American business landscape.

What It Means to Hire Virtual Assistants

A Latin American virtual assistant offers the best of both worlds. Virtual Latinos offers virtual assistant services that rival most American companies in terms of quality and outshine overseas companies in terms of price. To boost your team’s sales performance with a valuable investment, consider some of the ways a virtual assistant can assist your sales team:

  • Your virtual assistant can build expense reports, helping you track your operational expenses without sacrificing time your sales team could spend actually selling.
  • A virtual assistant can handle scheduling, manage your sales team’s calendar, and book required appointments.
  • Virtual assistants can handle your customer relationship management software, allowing your team to easily track relationships with all your clients.
  • A virtual assistant can take care of cold calls and also act as a receptionist for your sales team so no customer call goes unanswered.
  • Virtual assistants are experienced with demanding research, helping a sales team break into new markets more efficiently.

These are only a few examples of the benefits a virtual assistant can provide to a professional sales team. If you decide to find a virtual assistant to shoulder the administrative tasks that keep your salespeople from actually selling, you should have a functional plan for leveraging your new virtual assistant to maximum effect.

Steps for Increasing Sales With a Virtual Assistant

Increasing sales should be a top goal for any sales team. A virtual assistant can be a tremendous asset in this effort, but it’s important to follow the right steps when it comes to increasing sales with a virtual assistant:

1. Determine your needs. Before you hire a virtual assistant, determine what you expect the virtual assistant to handle.

2. Assess your budget. Find out how much your team can afford to spend on a virtual assistant. It’s essential to get a good return on the money you invest.

3. Find the best virtual assistant. Many virtual assistant companies exist all over the world. Each offers different services and different price points. Virtual Latinos offers vetted professionals, English proficient and in the same timezone. Contact us, and we will find the best for your needs.

4. Train your new assistant. Once you hire a virtual assistant, conduct an onboarding process and make sure the assistant knows their role and responsibilities within your sales team.

5. Delegate administrative responsibilities. The primary function of your new virtual assistant should be to assume administrative responsibilities so your salespeople can focus on selling.

6. Treat your new assistant as an employee. You will get the most value out of your virtual assistant if you welcome them as if they are part of your in-house team.

7. Enjoy higher sales. A dedicated virtual assistant takes the pressure off your sales team so they can perform better, lightens the burden of your administrative responsibilities, and can ultimately boost your profitability.

These steps will help you ensure your sales team gets the maximum possible value out of your new virtual assistant.

Why Work With Virtual Latinos?

If your sales team has designs to break into markets in Central and South America like Mexico, El Salvador, or Costa Rica, a virtual assistant with experience working in both North America and Latin America can be a tremendous asset. Virtual Latinos offers cost-effective virtual assistant services to sales teams across the U.S., offering time zone alignment, language fluency, and expert-level sales support services. Contact us today to learn more about how a Virtual Latinos virtual assistant can help you boost your sales performance.

Experienced Virtual Assistants: Our VAs have worked with big US Companies

Many of the Virtual Latinos VAs from Central America have previously worked in big call centers – where they worked for big US companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and many others. They have received training in cold sales, lead generation, customer service, and many other tasks and know how to work for US companies.

Grow Your Sales: 15 Tasks a Virtual Sales Assistant in Latin America Can Do


Latin American Virtual Assistants To Help Grow Your Business

A virtual sales assistant can help you cut down on your personnel costs and handle some of your sales tasks so you can continue to grow your business. However, virtual assistants (VA) in far-east countries such as India or the Philippines are often unavailable at key US sales hours and may be bilingual in languages not as pertinent to US business. A qualified Latino VA hailing from a Latin American country within your time zone is guaranteed to be available during the hours you need and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

The Latin American Difference

A Latino virtual assistant located in Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, or Honduras could perform these top sales-related tasks:

1. Operate a Live Chat
If you don’t have a live chat option on your business page, now is the time to consider getting one. Potential clients can ask a virtual assistant, questions regarding your product or service, get help completing a purchase, or any other question not answered on your website.

2. Contact Potential Leads
Once a potential sales lead interacts with your business in some way, leaving a point of contact, your virtual assistant can follow up quickly. Your virtual assistant can reach out and create an appointment to speak with the appropriate member of your staff to prevent the sales lead from becoming stale.

3. Follow Up With Existing Customers
If you have a customer that has not made contact or a sale in a while, your virtual assistant can follow up via phone or email and gain insight into their status within the sales funnel. Or, your virtual assistant can follow up with recent purchases to determine customer satisfaction.

4. Contact Old or Stale Leads
While not every lead generates a sale, contacting old leads can help you gain insight into their reasoning behind not making a sale, or even prompt them to consider your product or services again. Your virtual assistant can wait an appropriate amount of time and make contact with old leads for you, via phone or email.

5. Write Sales Copy for Emails or Your Website
If your product pages are barren or need revamping, or if your company description is lacking, a virtual assistant can add descriptive content in order to answer customer questions before they come in.

6. Provide Blog Comments
Your virtual assistant can interact with potential or current customers on your company’s blog posts and answer relevant questions, provide contact information, and the like. Alternatively, a virtual assistant can provide your company information on more general blog posts or discussions from other sources.

7. Interact on Social Media
A virtual assistant can post, comment, and answer questions as your company’s social media representative. That means answering your Facebook Page’s inbox messages, your Messenger inquiries, Instagram or Twitter comments, or your Google My Business questions.

8. Create Follow Up Emails and Texts
In some situations, you may not have the time to personally respond to each new lead. Your virtual assistant can craft an auto-response message to customize for each potential lead. The message can be sent manually by E-mail, a CRM or through a marketing automation tool such as ActiveCampaign or Hubspot

9. Craft Media Content for Your Homepage or Social Media
Whether you’re in need of a photo album slideshow, slide presentation, or a new photo for your online presence, your virtual assistant can design content unique to your business. Even if your VA is not a professional graphic designer, he or she can use tools such as to easily create beautiful looking graphics for your website or Facebook page. If you hire a Latin virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos, they may even design graphics for you in both English and Spanish – how awesome!

10. Identify Problems From the Outside
Sometimes, it’s difficult to see potential client accessibility or other website problems from within. A virtual assistant offers an outside perspective and a client’s point of view so you can address your user experience. It’s a good idea to ask your VA to spend time using your website and point out to you any items that may not work at all, or not as expected, so you can identify any issues that your real clients may also be experiencing.

11. Perform Keyword Research
When you’re attempting to boost sales by driving more traffic to your website, keyword research can seem tedious. Training a virtual assistant to use Google’s keyword tool to improve your search engine rankings (SEO) can take some of the weight off your shoulders. If your VA doesn’t know how to do keyword research online, no problem, she can Google lots of courses and free resources that can teach everything that’s needed to do so. There is no lack of information these days out on the Internet. Encourage your VA to be a self-learner and to research or find out how to do anything they don’t already know how to do.

12. Find Industry-Specific Information
On any given day, there is a wealth of sales news that may be pertinent to your company. You can ask a virtual assistant to perform a regular sweep of news pertinent to your niche so you don’t have to filter through the irrelevant.

13. Develop a New Marketing Strategy
Sometimes, the best marketing strategies come from an outsider’s perspective. Your virtual assistant can offer consumer insight on new strategies or even suggest one of their own.

14. Perform Broad Deployments of New Content
If you’re ready to release a new product, service description, or even a new piece of marketing content, a virtual assistant can deploy the information across several channels.

15. Audio/Video Transcription
If you have audio or video content to be transcribed into English or Spanish, your virtual assistant can perform transcription for you while you focus on other business-related tasks.

Use Virtual Latinos To Hire Your Next Virtual Assistant

Each and every Latino virtual assistant in our community is hand-picked (Only about 10% of applicants are accepted), is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and over 90% have completed a 4-year college degree. Latino VAs in our community are waiting for the perfect employer match, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, have a team or work at an agency, there’s probably a great Latino virtual assistant waiting for you.

Learn how hiring a Latino virtual assistant could benefit your business, contact us today.

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