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How Real Estate Investors use Virtual Assistants to Find, Contact, and Book Appointments


Real estate investors have difficult but rewarding jobs. It’s not uncommon for real estate investors to face day-to-day challenges that can lead to missed opportunities for investments, botched renovations on real estate slated for resale, and countless problems. Fortunately, many of these issues are preventable.

One of the main challenges facing most real estate investors is simply a lack of time to handle everyday responsibilities. The average real estate investor must spend each day contacting realtors to close real estate purchases, sort through contracts, arrange inspections, manage a calendar, and handle various other personal administrative tasks. One of the best solutions for tackling all these responsibilities is to hire virtual assistants.

How a Latino Virtual Assistant Can Help a Real Estate Investor

Many successful real estate investors handle all types of responsibilities completely on their own during the early days of their careers, but few would want to return to those days. The most successful real estate investors will accredit part of their success to others, typically the assistants and other employees who help them close deals, fix up investment properties, and market their real estate effectively. Top virtual assistant services can be tremendous assets to any real estate investor of any experience level.

A virtual assistant service can help a new real estate investor save time and money when starting an investment business by handling administrative tasks. This may sound like it comes at additional cost, and it certainly does require an investment to secure the best virtual assistant services, but the payoff is well worth the expense. Most new real estate investors simply fail to realize how much time and money they spend handling administrative and marketing tasks alone.

The additional cost of hiring a dedicated virtual assistant will pay for itself in several ways, each helping real estate investors grow their business, find and flip properties faster, and forge better relationships with business partners and customers.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Any real estate investor knows that this type of work requires constant attention. Some beginner real estate investors focus on one property at a time; they purchase a property at a good price, renovate the property to boost its value, and then sell it for a tidy profit. This may sound like an easy way to make money, but the whole process is very complicated; it requires consistent effort, networking with various professionals for every sale, finding the right construction crews to upgrade each property, and finally marketing an investment property and closing a sale.

A Latino virtual assistant can assist with all these moving parts, streamline the real estate investment process at every stage, and ultimately help them grow a more profitable business. The investment of hiring a virtual assistant is negligible considering the level of value they can provide. A few of the tasks a virtual assistant can perform for a real estate investor include:

Data mining and research.

Finding the right properties and making connections is a major part of growing a real estate investment business. A virtual assistant can help a real estate investor with the research end of the business, locating potential investment properties and collecting contact information from their sellers.


Real estate investment requires a great deal of phone calls, emails, and other forms of contacting business partners and other real estate professionals. A virtual assistant can ensure no conversations are lost in the shuffle.

Calendar management

Real estate investors need to regularly meet with real estate agents to tour properties for sale, arrange inspections, and meet with construction crews to oversee renovations and upgrades to investment properties. A virtual assistant can help a real estate investor keep their calendar organized.

Handle personal administrative tasks.

A virtual assistant helps ensure a real estate investor meets their personal and professional obligations on time and in full compliance with applicable laws.

There are countless benefits that come with hiring a virtual assistant. If you are a real estate agent wondering how to hire a virtual assistant for your business, look no further than Virtual Latinos.

Why Virtual Latinos?

The Virtual Latinos team understands how important it is for many real estate investors throughout the United States to break into the Latin American market across various industries. If you’re looking to expand into Mexico, El Salvador, or Costa Rica, it helps to have a virtual assistant with extensive experience working in those markets and who can communicate seamlessly with customers and partners in those areas.

Think about how a Latino virtual assistant can help you grow your real estate investment business, and contact Virtual Latinos today for more information about our affordable virtual assistant services.

How Virtual Assistants Can Help Realtors and Property Managers


Running a real estate or property management company can be a momentous task without the right help. From scheduling showings to preparing for open houses and effectively marketing your properties, it can be difficult to grow your real estate business on your own. However, assistants for real estate companies can be quite expensive and drive down your company’s return on investments – but another solution is available.

Hiring a virtual assistant, namely Latino virtual assistants, can provide affordable help for your real estate or property management business. These assistants can help perform numerous tasks to ease your workload, helping you grow your real estate business and increase your chances of success. Here are a few tasks that virtual assistants from Latin America can perform for your property management company.

#1: Social Media Marketing Services

You need to get your listings out in the public eye, but performing social media upkeep and marketing can take a large chunk out of your workday. However, these platforms are necessary to find buyers and tenants for your properties. With a Latino virtual assistant, you can implement effective social media advertisements and increase the number of prospective buyers and tenants for your business.

#2: Tracking and Obtaining Rent Payments

If you run a property management company, you know how difficult it can be to track down rent payments. Tardy tenants can drive down your business’s assets and harm your cash flow. However, you can reduce these issues with Latino virtual assistants. Your virtual assistant can help you keep track of who has paid and who still owes you money, and track down late payments.

#3: Calendar and Appointment Management

When you run a real estate or property management company, you need to keep track of when you need to show an open house, when you need to attend meetings, when you need to prepare a property for showing, among many other activities. If you miss an appointment, you can lose out on revenue and potential leads. With a Latino virtual assistant, you can effectively keep track of what you need to do and when you need to attend your appointments.

#4: Property Data and Listing Management

Compiling information to use in your listings can take quite a bit of research and forethought. You do not always have time to perform this research when you’re focused on other aspects of your business. A Latino virtual assistant can help you research this data, verify legal names of property owners and find deed information, and enter real estate data on various software services to help boost your listings.

#5: Responding to Client Emails

Keeping timely communications with your clients is vital to a healthy real estate and property management business. If you do not answer emails and inquiries, you can lose out on valuable clients. A Latino virtual assistant can help keep your company on top of these communications. You can maintain healthier relationships with your clients and grow your business with the help of an affordable Latino virtual assistant.

#6: Boosting Your SEO Capabilities

Search engine optimization is key to beating out the competition in your real estate market. However, SEO requires specialized knowledge of internet and marketing best practices. With a Latino virtual assistant, you and your real estate company can reap the benefits of optimal SEO and increase your lead generation for your property listings.

#7: Facilitating Questions From Prospective Renters and Buyers

In addition to client and tenant inquiries, you will need to field inquiries from prospective tenants and buyers. It can be difficult to keep track of these emails and maintain professional, accurate communications. However, Latino virtual assistants can perform this task with ease. Your virtual assistant will help prepare materials for buyers’ seminars, present accurate property information, and follow up with prospective tenants to increase your rental and sales rates.

#8: Planning and Managing Travel and Events

Property management and real estate often involve lots of travel and events. Planning these trips and these events can be incredibly complicated and difficult to keep track of by yourself. However, a Latino virtual assistant can help prepare your itineraries, book your hotel rooms and plane tickets, and help find directions to your meetings. In addition, your virtual assistant can help manage your emails and communication while you’re out of the area.

Hire a Latino Virtual Assistant for Your Real Estate Business

Wondering where to find a virtual assistant for your real estate or property management company? Virtual Latinos can help. We connect American businesses with credential-verified, highly qualified virtual assistants across Latin America.

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