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The Virtual Onboarding Guide for Mastering a Seamless Employee Experience

Mastering a Seamless Employee Experience

The world of work has experienced a significant shift towards virtual operations, with remote work becoming the new normal. According to McKinsey, 58% of employees now have the option to work remotely at least one day a week. As a result, companies are adapting their onboarding processes to welcome new employees from their living rooms […]

Take the “Introduction to ChatGPT” Course through the Virtual Latinos Academy

Regardless of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is relatively new, it is likely that it will be implemented in every industry and workspace in the near future. By 2027, more than 70% of jobs will require some sort of artificial intelligence knowledge. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence tools will be the most desired […]

Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Ecuador

Consider Hiring A Virtual Assistant From Ecuador

All About Ecuador Ecuador is by far the greatest when it comes to being an environmentally diverse country. This beautiful country is situated in the northwestern part of South America and holds a rich, storied history. The first scientific expedition that took place to determine the circumference of the earth was based in Ecuador, in […]

Virtual Latinos Country Highlight: El Salvador

Virtual Latinos Country Highlight: El Salvador

Find Your Ideal Virtual Admin Assistant in El Salvador El Salvador is a tropical, mountainous country in Central America, situated between Guatemala and Honduras. It is home to diverse topography and landscapes, each with its own unique specialties and resources. While surfers flock to the southern coastline, the central plateaus are devoted to farming and […]

Why Do Latino Professionals Choose to Work as Virtual Assistants?

Why Do Latino Professionals Choose To Work As Virtual Assistants?

Why Being a Latino Virtual Assistant Is So Sought After in Latin America, and Why The Hiring Rates Are So High Virtual assistants in Latin America are on the rise – and for good reason. As more and more people turn to work remotely, it should come as no surprise that this trend is swelling […]

5 Latin American Industries and the Workers They Produce


From 2013 to 2016 Latin American industries saw a big boost in their industries, including virtual personal assistants, injected primarily by the Obama administration. Since then many of them have been reaping the rewards and continuing their growth. The political tide has surely changed since but the sectors have remained strong for the most part. […]