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Real Estate Virtual Assistant: 6 tools every Real Estate VA should know.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant 6 tools every Real Estate VA should know

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The Job of a Bilingual Real Estate Virtual Assistant

For business owners, it can feel like there are never enough hours in a day. It’s easy for tasks to pile up, from answering e-mails to keeping up with finances, general admin tasks, and everything in between. Customer service alone is a full-time job, so it can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with it all.

When a business owner or real estate agent decides to delegate some of the tasks that are at risk of slipping through the cracks, they will likely look into hiring a real estate virtual assistant. In the virtual world that we now live in, it’s easier than ever to hire and be hired for remote work. Plus, you already have a leg up if you are bilingual. Bilingual real estate virtual assistants are especially helpful to English-speaking real estate agents with Spanish-speaking clients. At Virtual Latinos, we’re ready to help you start looking for bilingual real estate virtual assistant jobs.

First Thing’s First: What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

In the ever-changing house market, it can be hard for prospective home buyers to keep track of everything, from budgeting to making sure they’re not missing any gems in their search for the perfect home. A real estate agent is someone who is licensed to help both home buyers and sellers navigate this arena. They are often in charge of vetting leads, keeping house listings up to date with good photos and extensive information, and communicating with both the seller and the buyer in order to ensure a seamless property sale.

Because of the many hats that a real estate agent must wear, their job can quickly become hectic. They work long and unpredictable hours, and can’t take much time away from their phone and computer. Not only that, but things can change on a dime, and agents constantly have to adjust and change their schedules. Between all the communication, document organization, and housing market trends that they need to keep up with, real estate agents certainly have their hands full.

A related field worth noting is property investment and management, wherein someone owns property or multiple properties and receives income from renting it out to residents or businesses. A property manager may use the properties they own as a way to make extra income, or they may have made it their full-time job. Either way, they also have a lot on their plate. If they want to grow their business, they will soon be looking for an assistant. In our virtual landscape, a virtual assistant will be what they most need.

What is a Bilingual Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

No two virtual assistants look alike, and that’s an important thing to keep in mind when you’re looking into the role of a real estate virtual assistant. Every real estate agent or property manager is looking for something different in response to their individual needs. Therefore, no matter what your skill set looks like, there is likely a virtual assistant job for you.

Bilingual real estate virtual assistants frequently have a few things in common, however. Many of them have prior experience that has equipped them with the ability to write and understand perfect Spanish and/or Portuguese and English. They should also have experience in professional communication or organizing roles such as administrative or customer service jobs.

An ability to multitask is also an important skill for a real estate virtual assistant to have. Because of the many tasks that they may be responsible for, a real estate agent is probably going to give you many duties and deadlines to work with, as well. It is important to come to this line of work with the ability to manage many tasks at once, stay organized, and communicate efficiently.

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The Duties of a Bilingual Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Though no two real estate virtual assistants are the same, there are certain tasks that most virtual assistants can expect to engage with. These mainly involve administration and customer service and can include:

General Sales & Customer Service

This can often mean calling and qualifying leads, cold calling potential clients, warm calling existing leads, offering customer service and support, following up with leads and clients, building and maintaining lists of leads, and other general sales tasks that your employer can’t get to.

General Admin Support

This will likely include tasks like calendar management and appointment setting, managing CRM & data entry, processing loans, digital file management, contract creation & setup, creating & managing real estate listings (MLS), contract management & follow-up, and other general admin tasks that the real estate agent or property manager doesn’t have time for.

Transaction Coordinator

This consists of adding clients to the sales pipeline, scheduling the properties’ photography sessions, updating listings with new photos, sales transaction coordination & scheduling, coordinating, and scheduling closings tasks and walkthroughs, etc.

The Tools Every Real Estate Virtual Assistant Should Have

Real estate virtual assistants are an integral part of property management businesses, and the most growth-oriented business owners know this. There are certain tools that can help you be the best real estate virtual assistant you can be, and your income will reflect your skill set. When it comes to the tasks of a bilingual real estate virtual assistant, the following tools can help you succeed in your role:

Real Estate CRM

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is the database that houses all of a real estate agent’s contacts, communications, appointments, and more. There are a few popular real estate CRM platforms. Having experience with these platforms can be very beneficial:

  • Zendesk – a well-known CRM platform for general businesses. Very user-friendly, but may not be tailored enough for a real estate business.
  • RealtyJuggler – a CRM platform made specifically for real estate businesses.
  • Monday – a CRM platform that allows personalized setups for a variety of businesses.
  • Learning about CRMs will allow you to bring an impressive well of knowledge to your employer.

VoIP Tools

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol software, is a helpful tool that allows real estate agents and their virtual assistants to run a more fluid and organized call system. It’s a smart alternative to maintaining and managing multiple phone lines and services, and it can be helpful to understand them when you’re applying to bilingual real estate virtual assistant jobs.

VoIP is becoming increasingly common in the property management and real estate field, as it allows for a more mobile workflow. It comes in handy for people who work from a computer and are frequently connected to wifi, often finding it easier to do business via the internet or hotspot than using standard cell phone service.
Although Google Voice is perhaps the most well-known of VoIP tools, some alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

Property Management Tools

Property management can be a complex field when it comes to keeping track of so many properties and their owners, residents, renter leads, and more. In the past, this used to be especially hard when it came to keeping track of files, contacts, and other records. Luckily, in today’s modern world, there are a few programs that can help a real estate virtual assistant make their job a lot easier and maintain organized records. Some of them include:

  • Appfolio – a popular and straightforward tool in the property management field.
  • Homebot – a helpful Estimated Property Value platform.
  • Remine – a real estate transactions pipeline for real estate agents.

There’s no telling which software will be most beneficial for your employer until you really get to know them and their business. However, being familiar with the available software will aid you when it comes to any interview process you may have. It can also be helpful if an employer is looking for someone who doesn’t need too much of an introduction to the real estate business.

Real Estate Transactions

Property managers may look into real estate transaction platforms to give their income a boost. This might include popular platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, Rentdirect, and more. These are beneficial when it comes to increasing monetary flow, but have their drawbacks when it comes to making sure a property is well taken care of.

A real estate virtual assistant will likely become involved with this sort of business if their employer does. This could mean being put in charge of vetting renters and guests on these platforms to see if they are trustworthy and responsible, or checking on properties before and after guests stay there.

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Bilingual Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs Through Virtual Latinos

When it comes to applying for bilingual real estate virtual assistant jobs, Virtual Latinos makes it easier for employers and qualified employees to find each other. We are proud to connect real estate agents and property managers, along with other business owners, to bilingual, qualified professionals like you.

Being a bilingual real estate virtual assistant has all the perks of a full-time job, while also giving you the freedom to stay home with your family, travel, or anything else that requires a flexible schedule. Virtual jobs are quickly becoming the standard for our busy and ever-changing world. And unlike other more project-based virtual agencies, this is one you can actually rely on for steady income. Working from home shouldn’t be a reason to feel financially unstable.

Being strongly proficient in both Spanish and English is a coveted skill to have in the modern workplace, so why not let that skill earn you money? Become a bilingual real estate virtual assistant today through Virtual Latinos and get paid for the hard work that’s brought you here today. Work in your own time zone while earning money from a lucrative and ever-growing virtual market.

We’re always looking to hire bilingual virtual assistants with a variety of experiences and skills, and we are passionate about connecting reliable bilingual virtual assistants to trustworthy and hardworking employers looking to expand. Apply today to start your journey as a real estate virtual assistant, or contact us to learn more.

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