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Breaking Barriers: Reaching Out to Latin America for a Profitable Business

Breaking Barriers: Reaching Out To Latin America For A Profitable Business

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The stew is ready, and it is time to dig in: Latin American business opportunities are growing, and the best time to act is now. After a six-year downturn, Latin America is showing signs not only of recovering but also of soon thriving, but what does that mean for American businesses?

It means expansion, partnerships, new markets, and all manner of new goods and services, but the real benefit is in the very people that inhabit the southern part of the continent. Skilled workers ready to be a part of a growing business, prepared to assist you when and where it matters. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

America the Beautiful

We know that as of 2019, according to the International Monetary Fund, North America’s GDP has surpassed that of Europe’s. The statistic, while monumental, is not completely surprising as Canada, the United States, and Mexico produce many products that are shipped worldwide. A lot of the weight is pulled by the Mexican agricultural powerhouse and the many skilled laborers that help it move along.

Immigration from South American countries like Argentina, Colombia, and Chile to Mexico, the United States, and Canada also helps fuel production, but it is not all hard labor. Mexico is a country full of skilled individuals of all professions and walks of life, many of whom are South American immigrants. South American business opportunities are growing because of many young individuals who are learning valuable skills up north and returning south of the continent to apply them.

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A Two Way Street

Brazilian tech-startup entrepreneurs, Chilean fruit company heads, Peruvian medical students, surely you have noticed them. Skilled workers abound in South America, and as a business owner you should know that you do not have to wait to get in touch with one of them, you can tap into the well of talent yourself.

The Virtual Age 

Technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch. Today we have the option of communicating with anyone at any time and can coordinate projects better than ever. The ability to assign tasks online with programs like Asana and ProWorkflow boost productivity and business outreach. It is this precise technology that opens the door for virtual assistants, and more precisely, virtual assistants from Latin America.

Breaking Barriers

From writers to task organizers to graphic designers and much more, remote work has become the norm in most office environments. Why? Because it is advantageous. Businesses have the unique opportunity to work with individuals from all across the world. Because of Latin America’s business growth, there are many more young workers looking to learn from American companies. These workers are breaking barriers by learning English, whether by studying abroad or taking extensive courses at home or in school. By the same token, American businesses are reaching out, looking to tap into the growing Latin American talent pool.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

No matter the business you operate, the chances are that you are quite preoccupied with tasks that probably would be best delegated to someone else. Organizing client portfolios, sending out emails, and scheduling meetings are all things that a virtual assistant could help you with. By having a dedicated virtual assistant, you can begin to prioritize those things that you should be directly involved in.

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Latino Virtual Assistants

Knowing now that Latin American leaders are offering their people greater opportunities to grow, it is easy to see why a dedicated virtual assistant from Latin America makes sense. The cost of hiring someone in the United States is quite high, and most business owners will agree that assistants in common outsourcing countries like India and the Philippines lack cultural affinity with the U.S. and are in many different time zones which complicate communication. Hiring a virtual assistant from Latin America can offer the following:

  • High cultural affinity
  • Strong work ethic
  • Similar time zone interactions

Many Latin Americans are becoming involved in the fast-growing field of digital marketing and sales; they understand where the future is headed. Having the opportunity to get in touch with a young Latin worker looking to grow his or her career is something that as a business owner, you should be after. Latino virtual assistants (VAs) make great remote administrative assistants, cold-calling reps, great sales appointment setters, digital marketers, and much more.

At Virtual Latinos, we are excited to connect you with our pool of intricately vetted candidates looking to work with you. The time has come to break down barriers and see the potential that Latin America is offering to the world. Contact us today at +1 (619) 317-1198 to inquire about hiring a virtual assistant to help your business grow.

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