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Quit Doing It All Yourself, Get an Executive Virtual Assistant

Quit Doing It All Yourself, Get An Executive Virtual Assistant

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18 Tasks Founders and Entrepreneurs Should Outsource to a Latino Virtual Assistant

Busy entrepreneurs know – owning a business comes with a huge set of responsibilities. While it isn’t possible to delegate everything, a knowledgeable virtual assistant, or VA, can increase your business’s efficiency by handling these tasks.

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Outsourceable Tasks

1. Responding to Phone Calls
You know better than anyone that entrepreneurs receive a heavy volume of phone calls every day. Hiring a VA to handle your incoming calls means you’ll only receive the most important ones.

2. Responding to Emails
Responding to emails is perhaps one of the biggest time wasters in the corporate world today. On a rare occasion, an email must be addressed instantly by you personally, your VA can ensure you handle it.

3. Scheduling Appointments
Scheduling can quickly result in phone tag, frequent emails, and other hassles. Outsourcing your scheduling takes a time-consuming, headache-inducing task off your workload.

4. Calendar Management
In addition to all your client and contractor appointments, you have a number of other responsibilities that need management. Having a VA manage your calendar and simply send you a list of the day’s events each morning can save you a great deal of time each day; especially if your VA lives in your time zone, such as in Latin America.

5. Trip Booking
Handling the details of your business trips is a task perfect for a VA. Your VA can find you the best details within your parameters and report back once the trip is organized.

6. Client Interaction
When it comes to client interaction, it’s the small things that count. Your VA can manage interactions with your clients including personalized notes and phone calls.

7. Manage Customer Questions
Whether customer questions take the form of emails or live chat sessions, a VA can craft responses to customer questions so you can get back to business.

8. Address Employee Questions
If you find yourself fielding employee questions, a VA can free up your time for more important endeavors. Your VA can respond to emails or simply craft an FAQ page to meet employee needs.

9. Compile Industry Information
You know your industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the newest news and information. Your VA can search the web for new information and compile anything relevant for you to read later.

10. Create PowerPoint Presentations
When you need a new presentation for your social media or a client, all you need to do is supply some background information. Then, your VA can craft a presentation based on your needs.

11. Manage Employee or Client Contacts
Creating information databases isn’t anyone’s favorite task. However, you can trust your VA to compile the necessary personnel or client information so both of you have a clean, reliable source to draw from. They can even save this date into a CRM or other marketing tool you’re already using, so you can easily get in touch with your contacts.

12. Manage Social Media Accounts
Your VA can respond to questions and comments or respond to messages on any of your business’s social media accounts. In addition, your VA can add new content for your accounts to post on your behalf.

13. Organize Bookkeeping or Expense Accounts
A VA can handle all or a portion of your company’s bookkeeping needs. Alternatively, you can have your VA address the accounts from which you handle your business travel and expenses.

14. Market Research
Your VA can sift through webpages to find you relevant information. Having your VA perform research for you frees up your time to apply this research.

15. Lead Nurturing
When a new potential lead visits your website and leaves an email address or phone number, your VA can maintain contact to ensure the lead does not become stale. In addition, he or she can glean information for your client database.

16. Customer Follow-Up
When a customer makes a purchase, it is good practice to follow up at a later date to ask for feedback. Your VA can perform customer follow-ups and pass along important feedback for your perusal.

17. Website Maintenance
If your website isn’t up to snuff, or if you have a catastrophic crash in the middle of the holiday season, you’ll want someone knowledgeable to troubleshoot. A virtual assistant trained in website maintenance can remove the stress from such situations.

18. Project Management
If your business consists of a number of individual working pieces, you’ll need a project manager to ensure all are working together. Outsourcing your project management to a remote VA can guarantee you meet the deadline.

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How Virtual Latinos Can Help

Our college-educated Latino VAs hail from countries in your time zone, such as Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, and the Dominican Republic. This means they’re available during peak business hours when you need them most. What’s more, each VA is fluent in English and Spanish. Contact us today for more information about how we can help find you the perfect virtual assistant for your needs.

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