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5 Latin American Industries and the Workers They Produce


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From 2013 to 2016 Latin American industries saw a big boost in their industries, including virtual personal assistants, injected primarily by the Obama administration. Since then many of them have been reaping the rewards and continuing their growth. The political tide has surely changed since but the sectors have remained strong for the most part. In this piece, we want to tell you of five Latin American industries, located in a variety of countries from Costa Rica to Chile, that are exporting talented workers helping American businesses grow.

1. Retail

Retail at all levels is expanding in Latin America thanks to the steady growth of consumer credit. Mexico, in particular, has made a big push to give its citizens better access to credit. What better credit allows for is not only for consumers to shop more and infuse the economy but also for major retailers to feel confident in setting their roots in Latin America. With more retailers available there are also more jobs available for skilled workers.

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What this means for American businesses looking to work remotely with Latin American workers is that they may have an easier time finding people with managerial experience, people who work well under pressure, and who by working for American companies better understand the demands of one. The growth of e-commerce in Latin America also helps build workers that understand how digital marketing works today.

2. Manufacturing

Latin America has always been known as a region rich with skilled workers in the manufacturing sector, and yet as of the last few years policies in the United States have aimed to restrict the flow of work down south. Still, manufacturing in Mexico is still going strong as a change in government guard is ushering in cooperation with the United States. For example, there are more than 200 aerospace manufacturers in Mexico alone, that is an impressive number few people are aware of.

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Imagine for a moment the level of skills one must have to work in industries as such. These workers often find themselves working for American companies, managing large projects, and helping businesses grow. American companies lucky enough to work with these skilled individuals remotely can see a big boost in the way they do business, the talent is surely there.

3. Telecommunication

Mexico’s Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world, has created a telecommunications empire that services most of Latin America. While many Latin Americans have mobile devices as of 2015 only about 15% of the population had smartphones. Over the last four years, that number has spiked and continues to grow. Latin Americans are becoming more in tune with the tech revolution that Silicon Valley has brought about.

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Major businesses now understand that Latin American youth is much more knowledgeable than ever before about telecommunications. The youth is looking to work from home, having now better opportunities to communicate with American employers. As the industry continues to grow the divide is narrowing and that is beneficial for all parties involved.

4. Infrastructure

Speaking of opportunities to work from within Latin American countries infrastructure is also seeing a big boost. Brazil, for example, is currently working on several projects to implement robust energy, highway, and railway infrastructure while Peru’s is currently reconstructing policy their north coast, including the construction of potable water, roads, and sewage systems. The plan involves the construction of roads, and potable water and sewage systems. This has not always been the easiest area of growth for Latin America, however, it appears that, at last, there are some changes occurring. While no Latin American country is perfect at it, they are attempting to increase transparency in the work that they do.

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American businesses should know that if infrastructure improves in Latin American countries, that means more individuals who can take on remote positions due to better internet access, as well as people who can work from a specific location based on better transportation and so on.

5. Service Industry

Almost everything today is a type of service. Latin American workers are finding that service skills translate well into American jobs remotely. A virtual assistant, for example, can provide anything from SEO optimization to financial advice and organization from the comfort of their home now, this would have been thought impossible just ten years ago. The world is paving the way for people to showcase their skills and take on the highest bidder.

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Are you curious about what a virtual assistant from El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala or elsewhere in Latin America can do for your business? Contact us today to find out why we have one of the most extensive pools of talent from Latin America, we are eager to help. Latin America is showing its desire to grow and the people are starting to reap the benefits, in turn, benefiting you. At Virtual Latinos, we are proud to be part of the change and invite you to explore the possibilities with the best virtual assistants out there.

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