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How to Become a Sales VA: The Virtual Sales Assistant 101

How to Become a Sales VA: The Virtual Sales Assistant 101

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What Is a Virtual Sales Assistant, and What Do They Do?

Virtual sales assistants have steadily grown to be an exceptional solution for many businesses, both big and small. This means making sales remotely for a business by contacting potential clients and closing deals. Excellent people skills, experience in sales, and communicating clearly are essential to the field of work.

A virtual sales assistant can offer assistance in a variety of tasks, including:

  • Lead generation and sales tasks
  • Appointment booking and follow-ups
  • Social media outreach
  • Checking in with leads and prospects, keeping them engaged
  • Assist with an SEO Strategy
  • Ensure customers and leads are engaged

A virtual sales assistant may work in almost any industry. Some of those include:

  • Real Estate and property management
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • SaaS companies
  • Technology
  • Staffing
  • Telecommunications
  • And more!

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What Are the Requirements to Become a Virtual Sales Assistant?

To take the first step on your new path, the virtual assistants’ page has more information to help guide you. If you’re unsure of what one might need to be a successful virtual sales assistant, we’ve listed some essentials below.

Bilingual skills

Fluently speaking two or more languages is a massive advantage in today’s communication age, especially as we become a more global society. When you are able to freely and comfortably speak two languages, your opportunities with clients and colleagues are drastically increased. Being able to work in sales makes bilingual applicants much more appealing. Speaking and writing in English conversationally and fluently is a skill held in high regard when considering being a virtual sales assistant. If you are considering becoming a virtual assistant, applicants will have the opportunity to take a fluency test.

One of the leading errors for remote assistants is miscommunication. If you are able to speak in both English and Spanish/Portuguese, it removes the challenge of miscommunication. As a virtual sales assistant working through Virtual Latinos, you’ll be working for contacts in the US, Canada, and countless other countries.


The aspiring virtual sales assistant needs a few tools to be successful. First and foremost, this means an updated computer from which you can work remotely as a virtual sales assistant. In fact, a reliable computer will handle most of the daily tasks the average virtual assistant might encounter during their day. To join with this computer, a potential virtual sales assistant will need a microphone capable of clear, unaltered speech for communicating to clients is needed.

Be sure your equipment is easy to use. Being able to speak uninterrupted and free of any distortion is a key; you don’t want to have to fiddle with your equipment during sales calls.

A camera that is able to capture your face during a meeting or appointment would prove to be a good thing to have when applying. Most computers from the last few years will come with both a microphone and a camera. If you are using equipment from your computer, be sure you can access each seamlessly.

Finally, and most importantly, a competent hand with each of these tools is most vital when it comes to the instruments used by the virtual sales assistant.

Tool knowledge

Comprehensive knowledge of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is helpful, but that’s a skill that can be easily learned. This software has been created with the sole purpose of organizing your relationship with the client and ensuring a streamlined experience for both parties. Future virtual assistants can take courses to learn more about CRM. Every CRM platform is similar in its purpose and functionality, but are not exactly the same. If a client uses a particular CRM and you are unfamiliar with it, it is a good idea to take a course to learn how to navigate it appropriately. These courses can usually be found on Udemy, Coursera, or may even be offered by the company that owns the CRM.

Knowing how to manage VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is also important. This technology allows the user to make a telephone call over the internet and is how you will communicate with your clients as a virtual sales assistant. It has advantages over traditional telephone technologies by having the capabilities able to call multiple parties at once very efficiently.


Experience matters when it comes to how one deals with people, but some are born good at sales. In fact, to be a virtual sales assistant for Virtual Latinos, what matters more than entry-level sales work is an ease of communication in both English and Spanish/Portuguese – and an ability to navigate both languages at a time for better clarity between other non-bilingual clients.

However, having some experience as an executive assistant, sales associate in the telecommunications field, or other such occupation would have trained you in the skills necessary to be able to build meaningful connections with clients. That kind of experience may help you navigate the early days of your career more easily. A prime applicant will have some long-term experience as a virtual sales assistant and understand both the language and the cultural identities of specific Latin American countries. They much understand the ups and downs that come with the responsibilities of being a remote sales assistant.


Many applicants start their virtual assistant journeys without any experience at all. In these cases, there are many opportunities for applicants to train through organizations willing to teach the craft. What is most crucial is their ability to navigate between English and Spanish/Portuguese professionally. Potential clients will need to know that you understand them and their culture before trusting you with sales opportunities.

Regardless of what aspect of sales you are in, trust is always an important element. If a client believes you don’t clearly understand who they are or what they want, it is much more difficult – and may be impossible – to make a connection. To boost your training, consider attending webinars, or ‘web seminars’ in which lectures are given to aspiring sales representatives.

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What Are the Benefits of Being a Sales Virtual Assistant?

There are multiple benefits to working as a virtual sales assistant, making it a desirable position for bilingual applicants. The competitive salaries offered to virtual sales assistants are sure to make any training worth your time and energy.

Flexible hours make it simple to get work done whenever convenient for the virtual assistant, following the coordinated schedule with your client. We find that most virtual sales assistants work at least twenty hours a week. That being said, the flexibility of the position allows them to work as they choose. Because bilingual applicants are so high-demanded, those who speak both Spanish and English have a better chance of success.

Usually, the company that the virtual sales assistant works for will assume general duties for the virtual assistant. It is their duty to get these tasks done on time as directed by the company. These tasks generally include responding to emails and phone calls from customers, creating surveys based on the company client base, making social media posts on the company’s behalf, etc. Being able to navigate these quickly in two languages is a huge asset to any business – an asset that you could bring that a business would be grateful for.

Compensation for virtual sales assistants is usually based on experience in the field, but being bilingual can increase your potential earnings. What remote assistants will earn can fluctuate and vary greatly based on how much experience they have. With enough time with one company, one can expect to see a compensation increase.

Bonuses also occur frequently with goal completions and other tasks as they are finished. Virtual sales assistants find bonuses bolstering their paychecks as they complete sales and other tasks assigned to them.

How Can I Become a Virtual Sales Assistant?

There are many myths when it comes to virtual sales assistants. Some people believe that they are unreliable due to their remote, virtual nature. Others think that the average remote assistant could do anything they are assigned. Both of these statements could not be further from the truth. Nowadays, technology has moved forward to such a degree that, in the right hands, one could get a sale closed just as quickly, if not quicker, than someone working on site.

Being healthy and smart about your work posture and behavior is of incredible importance. Preventing work burnout is essential to productivity and confidence in the workplace, not to mention your health as well. Ensuring you get plenty of active time as well as personal time with loved ones or for self-care is essential to ensuring you stay healthy and productive.

Today’s market can be daunting, especially if you are working on a global scale. Things can get confusing to someone who just wants to start out. It is important for anyone who wishes to become a virtual assistant to visit the Virtual Latinos VA’s page. There is information on how to perform the type of work you will be tasked with, as well as information on the application and interview process.

Unfortunately, not every client you’re connected with will mean a sale. Learning to cope with rejection from a client is essential to maintaining a positive outlook on your work. Many sales virtual assistants find that by moving on to the next client and learning something from the rejection to move you forward in making sales is the key to success. Being aware that not every call or meeting will end in a success is part of the job. Learning something new and keeping persistent is how you become successful.

If you have been asking yourself ‘how do I become a sales virtual sales assistant?’ get informed on the application process online now. There are plenty of opportunities all over the net for an aspiring virtual sales assistant. Spending time learning about the market you are selling in, how to work from home without distraction, and how to be interviewed (including phone interviews or Zoom communications, can help.

Many kinds of personalities would be a perfect fit as a virtual sales assistant.

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Where Can I Find a Sales Virtual Assistant Job?

Looking for virtual sales assistant work as someone who is bilingual can be a turning point in your career. You are able to negotiate your own rates and schedule, as well as determine other aspects of their employment. However, scouring through countless companies can be frustrating and time-consuming for any one person. Leveraging Virtual Latinos is the wisest decision one could make when looking for an agency to assist your search for a virtual sales assistant position.

Searching for a company to employ you as a remote assistant is the primary task through the agency, meaning your chances of finding employment are exponentially broadened. Being part of the Virtual Latinos team as a virtual assistant will stand you out apart from the crowd, making your employment all the more likely.

Contact Virtual Latinos for Virtual Sales Assistant Opportunities for Bilingual Applicants

If you’ve been convinced by the benefits of the positions mentioned, including generous compensation, frequent bonuses, flexible schedule, and working wherever you want, you may be ready to begin your journey. Working for a company as a virtual sales assistant may be daunting at first, but there are plenty of resources and opportunities presented to applicants through Virtual Latinos.

You must be prepared to handle the average tasks necessary to become successful in the position. Even with little to no experience, you are likely to find a position to get you the organic knowledge to earn raises and promotions as a bilingual virtual sales assistant. That’s especially true if you are committed to the work and loyal to the company that has hired you. With time, you will find yourself making light work of the position you’ve earned yourself and will have the experience needed for any virtual sales assistant position.

If you are ready to start your virtual sales assistant journey, take the first step and apply now.

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