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How to Determine if Remote Work Is Right for You

How To Determine If Remote Work Is Right For You

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Is remote work right for me?

Determining if remote work is right for you, especially as someone from Latin America, involves considering various factors. The allure of flexible hours, the potential for earning in stronger currencies, and the opportunity to collaborate with international teams can be enticing. However, it’s essential to assess your personal discipline, the reliability of your internet connection, your ability to work independently, and your comfort with virtual communication tools. Additionally, consider the cultural and time zone differences that might come into play when working with global clients. Balancing these pros and cons will provide a clearer picture of whether a remote work lifestyle aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Could Remote Work Be Right for You?

If you’ve ever considered remote jobs as a potential option for your future, there is no better time than now to get involved in work within the virtual medium. Companies all over the world are looking for vetted individuals who show the initiative to contribute to their work remotely. Virtual Latinos connects businesses from North America with virtual professionals in countries from Mexico to Argentina.

Choosing to start your career as a remote worker has numerous benefits, such as working on a schedule that makes sense for your lifestyle, potential opportunities to connect with people all over the world, and working in a field that you are naturally able to thrive in. Consider looking into the different remote work opportunities available in different fields that you may be interested in.

What Is Remote Work?

Remote work is essentially any work that is done outside the traditional office environment and has been known by numerous different names within different communities. Folks may refer to remote work as telecommuting, telework, or mobile work.

Remote Work Myths & Facts

As remote work becomes more and more popular, popular myths and stigma have also been raised accordingly. Funnily enough, people who seem to have such opinions are not remote workers, or just blindly agree with what others have said. Likely, they identify with that opinion without any experience or have used what others have said to justify not getting into remote work. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths:

It’s hard to stay engaged if you’re not in the office.

For some people, this is true – and with good reason. We have become accustomed to commuting into the office for work and it is engrained in our culture and our psyche. However, for some, working from home may be relieving from many stressors including commuting and scheduling, and may be extremely beneficial to mental health.

The reason we are so habituated to office jobs or other work styles that occur at a centralized location is that in the past, we have not had any other option. As technological advancements have created the opportunity to contribute to work environments in numerous locations from the comfort of our home, our work culture is evolving. Who knows what the professional world will look like as we adapt more to the benefits of virtual work!

There’s no workplace culture working from home.

Workplace culture is all about the environment you create through connection and communication with your co-workers. With the technology available today, you can make a genuine connection with someone across the globe through video conferences and digital communication. All that is required is that you are content with forming those relationships and are open to connecting with folks in that way. Many digital opportunities have fun, integrated ways that staff can connect and feel part of a remote team.

Remote work is distracting.

Working from home may have distractions, but in many ways, there may be fewer distractions in your life overall if you work from home. For example, if you are commuting to work every day, then your schedule revolves around time spent in the office and the other aspects of your life may be more distracting. Furthermore, research has shown that productivity in employees who work from home is more than one-third greater than those who remained in the office.

Remote workers lack commitment.

In truth, any worker who lacks commitment is a poor worker, and there are poor workers in different fields all over the professional world. A successful remote worker is a driven individual who has decided to take the opportunity for more flexible work options as a benefit to their lifestyle. A recent survey showed that those with options for remote work were also more likely to express loyalty to their workplace.

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Benefits of Working Remotely

There are numerous benefits to choosing remote jobs over jobs that require your physical presence on a regular schedule. Remote work allows for the opportunity to tailor your work to serve you in the ways you need for your unique lifestyle to thrive.

Flexible Schedule

With the ability to work remotely, productivity is no longer always demanded between the hours of 9-5 on a regular schedule. You can have more fluidity in your schedule, allowing you to accomplish other things in your life and be more integrated into your community of friends and family.

Unique Opportunities

Working a remote job gives you the chance to connect with individuals all over the globe who have similar goals as you. The more variety in the individuals you work with, the more diverse your experience becomes and the more likely you are to build lasting professional relationships and have access to unique opportunities.

Work environment

Being able to work from home means having the ability to tailor your work environment to best serve your comfort, productivity, and confidence. The more of these things you have in your work, the more likely you are to be successful. You no longer need to adapt your work style and mental attitude to a specific workplace and can create whatever workspace best serves you.

Work and Family Balance

Working from home likely means you are closer to your family while you are working, and thus you are more easily able to contribute to the lives of those around you. Tied in with the flexibility in your schedule, you can optimize your time to best achieve that needed equilibrium.

Business Benefits of Remote Workers

As an employer looking to hire remote workers, there are some great benefits. You do not need to provide physical office space and can manage a more integrated schedule with the needs of your business and employees. Also, you can work with individuals from all over the world who have a range of experiences and are vetted by other businesses or third-party companies.

Especially in the realm of virtual assistants, there is a pool of individuals who are experienced and willing to contribute their skill set to your operations. That pool is growing and the diversity in candidates can help you to find individuals who are best suited to join your team.

How Do I Know If Remote Work Is the Right Decision?

You are a unique individual, and what you need for your professional life is unique as well. There are things to consider when it comes to deciding if remote work is right for you at this time in your life. It has to be a great fit! There are incredible perks to consider, too, such as potentially making a higher wage than in your home country or local area, getting the flexibility to work from anywhere (not just home), and building an international network of professional connections.

If you feel that you are independently motivated and able to manage your time, then remote work offers the opportunity to have a career and successfully work from home. You need to be able to feel focused and productive while working from home, so picture yourself working from home and see what you would need to feel successful.
Becoming a virtual assistant is a great option for remote work. If you have great communication skills, access to technology, a good internet connection, and can speak Spanish and English, becoming a remote assistant could be the perfect option for you.

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How Do I Find the Right Remote Job for a Virtual Professional?

Because remote work is becoming more normalized, the avenues available to get connected with a business as a remote worker have increased. You can find remote positions on numerous job-posting websites. As you apply to these jobs, consider that because they are popular websites for finding work, the number of applicants is quite high as well.

Some websites are more directly geared towards helping businesses find remote workers and virtual assistants. These websites provide the opportunity to get connected with businesses looking to hire remote workers or virtual assistants, but due to their high traffic, they often have a poor retention rate. If you are more interested in getting a job as a medical or business virtual assistant, Virtual Latinos is the best for finding a fitting position.

Project-Based jobs and Long-term Remote Jobs

There are two types of remote work that are the most common – project-based and long-term remote jobs. Essentially speaking, project-based jobs are short-term and commonly known as freelance opportunities. These types of positions will hire someone remote who they believe can help them with the completion of a specific project – and that’s all. Long-term remote jobs may have you working on numerous projects which may also have some project-based workers, but do not hire individuals on a short-term basis with the expectation of them leaving the project after their allotted time. Both have their perks and depending on the style of work or field you are the most interested in, you may find yourself finding preference one way or the other.

Why Virtual Latinos Is the Best Company to Find a Virtual Job in Latin America

It is important that you genuinely care for the success of the company you work for to be a successful remote worker. At the time being, Virtual Latinos is the most specialized and effective company in connecting workers from Latin America with businesses looking for remote workers and virtual assistants. The recruitment process is tiered to ensure that clients end up working with individuals who are vetted and likely to have a positive lasting relationship with them. Virtual Latinos gives special attention to getting to know the businesses and remote workers on a personal and operational level to facilitate a strong relationship.

For those in Latin America looking for a virtual job, Virtual Latinos is leading the charge in helping professionals from Mexico, Central America, and South America to connect with businesses in need of virtual assistants and other remote workers.

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