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Copywriting Virtual Assistant: Why You Need One and How They Work.

Copywriting Virtual Assistant: Why You Need One And How They Work

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What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting refers to the process of crafting quality marketing and promotional content that is geared toward a specific audience. The goal of this content is to encourage that target audience to take some form of action, such as making a purchase, clicking a link, taking a quiz, or scheduling a consultation. This is a form of interaction that works both in print and online.

We encounter copywriting daily, often without realizing it. Anytime you visit a website, the pages of that site are designed to prompt you to act. This can be a link to “read more,” “get started,” “follow us,” or “schedule today.”

Copywriting is vital to SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is a method of helping people find companies through search engines using a virtual marketer. When you go to a search engine, such as Google, you’ll usually type in basic inquiries such as “plumbers in my area.” When you hit enter, you’ll be provided with a list of results. SEO helps companies get their site at the top of those search results. This increases visitor traffic, which can mean more business for that company.

SEO depends heavily on algorithms and sales trends that all work to determine what customers want. This can cover keyword use, pay-per-click, social media presence, website speed and layout, and the content provided on the site.

Consumers want relevant content that keeps their interest and provides them with useful information. Companies should write about themselves to provide the relevant content consumers need. This helps potential customers get to know who they are, as well as useful information that relates to their product or service. This type of writing helps to increase a company’s SEO.

Digital marketing virtual assistant professionals play a major role in boosting a company’s SEO. Just a couple of ways they can help include:

Social Media Marketing

The professionals in this realm use social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to target their ideal audience. Social media can be used just as much as a search engine to find products and services, as well as customer experiences and reviews. Social media marketing often involves the ability to be more personable and create fun, interactive ways to interact with followers. Having a strong social media presence is more important than ever.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing virtual assistants help to improve the interactions and digital traffic of company websites. They focus on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Baidu. This form of marketing can include keyword searches, pay-per-click, website layout, website content, and ease of use.

While these marketing approaches vary in style and focus, copywriters serve both categories, and additional categories, including email marketing and YouTube SEO copywriting. To put it simply, a copywriter is a useful addition to any marketing form that requires well-written, unique content that can inspire the audience to take further action.

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What Is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant?

A copywriting virtual assistant is a highly-qualified, often college graduate, who becomes an additional part of your marketing team, all while working remotely. Virtual assistants are self-motivated, experienced writers who are committed to research and information gathering. Copywriting virtual assistants take the time to learn about your company, your products or services, and even your target location and demographic. They provide the content you need to attract your target audience and increase sales. A copywriting virtual assistant can handle several responsibilities, including:


This may seem obvious, but the most important responsibility is writing. This includes understanding the desired content, formatting, tone, and style. It is finding the correct voice, including research, and ensuring there is some form of a call to action (CTA). Writing also involves following word count expectations.


A copywriting virtual assistant is a true member of your team, even if they can’t be there in person. They understand the importance of SEO and gearing the content appropriately. This requires intensive research to learn about the company they work for, as well as the competition.

Audience Awareness

A copywriting virtual assistant is responsible for understanding the target audience. This means knowing how to communicate best. They will know how to adapt their tone and style to meet the demands of their project. An experienced copywriting virtual assistant can write formally, informally, and everywhere in between.

Strong Bilingual Writing and Organization Skills

The digital market is a global market, and it is crucial to be able to reach all potential audiences. Consumers are more likely to interact with companies that appeal to them in their own language. A quality copywriting virtual assistant understands that bilingual writing is much more than just using a translator. It is about understanding how to structure the wording and how to write in a manner that is fluid and easy to follow.


To ensure the writing is it’s very best, editing is the next important step. Reading through the work to improve flow and clarity is also vital to a successful final product.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Copywriting Virtual Assistant?

The best benefit of a copywriting virtual assistant is the boost they can bring to your business. Whether a start-up or a more mature business, they do this by providing the relevant content you need to attract customers. They provide blogs, emails, social media blurbs, and other content that is targeted to attract customers. With the internet, people can research on their own what a product is and what it does. Consumers want to know why they need your specific product or service. Your copywriting virtual professional can provide the specific content that consumers want. In addition to better engagement with your target audience, a copywriting virtual assistant can help:

Free up Your Time

When you are operating a business, you have several areas demanding your attention at once. Using a virtual assistant allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business. Your virtual assistant can handle all your content, freeing up your valuable time.

Save on Costs

Whether you are a newly launched business or one that has been around for a while, you always have to be mindful of your budget. Hiring a copywriting virtual assistant reduces costs when compared to hiring an in-person employee.

Provide a Better ROI

Marketing your brand, service, and products requires a large investment of both time and money. With a virtual assistant, you’ll see a better return on your investment. You’ll notice your marketing outreach improve and customer interaction climb.

What to Do Once You Have Hired a Copywriter Virtual Assistant?

Once you hire a copywriter virtual assistant, you’ll want to treat them much like you would as an in-person addition to your team. You’ll want to complete all the onboarding first steps for a new employee, such as necessary information for employment documentation and any employee handbooks or training guides you want to be covered. You want your virtual marketer to understand your business roots, methods, values, and overall goals.

Your copywriting virtual assistant is there to help you grow as an entrepreneur. To do so, they need to understand your different methods and goals, so they can support the growth you want. The most important thing you want your copywriting virtual assistant to do for you is to create or improve your existing business blog. Customers want relevant content. Fresh blog topics keep visitors returning to your site. When you provide valuable information, they are more likely to stay on your site longer, exploring all your company has to offer. Your business blog is the perfect way to provide information, highlight your products or services, and interact with your customer base. You and your virtual assistant can also utilize AI text-improvement technology, like Grammarly or Ginger. These tools help ensure the content you share is as clean and grammatically correct as possible, which helps your business remain trustworthy.

In an office setting, you would naturally check-in and follow up with your employees from time to time. When you hire a copywriting virtual assistant, it is important to do the same. You should follow up with your virtual assistant to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Your feedback is also important to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the writing they are providing. On some occasions, you may have to request certain revisions to ensure your message is clear. As a copywriting virtual assistant, it is natural to experience this from time to time. Copywriting virtual assistants will always try their best to get the content you want the first time around.

Once you hire a Virtual Copywriter, the best approach is to treat them as you would any other member of your staff. They are there to support your marketing outreach through quality content. Building a working relationship helps to ensure they understand your mission and goals.

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How to Find a Good Copywriting Virtual Assistant?

Once you determine a copywriting virtual assistant is right for your business, you want to make sure you find a good one. You’ll want to look for a virtual professional who has the skills and experience you need to rely on their abilities. At Virtual Latinos, we help to match entrepreneurs with the perfect virtual assistant for their unique business type. Virtual Latinos ensures you will get the best copywriting virtual assistants possible through their detailed selection process.

This process involves you first registering as a business and completing a short questionnaire. This survey lets us get to know who you are, your company and your products or services provided. You’ll be asked to describe the job you have in mind and select what you are looking for. The recruitment team at Virtual Latinos carefully screen their available virtual assistants, looking for the best fit for your needs. We will provide you with our top candidates to be interviewed. You’ll have the ultimate decision on which virtual assistant is best for your needs. Virtual assistants at Virtual Latinos are available for both part-time and full-time work, allowing customization options when it comes to what you need.

In today’s digital world, numerous industries could benefit from a bilingual virtual assistant. In America, Spanish continues to grow as a top language spoken throughout the country. Consumers appreciate and value the opportunity to experience content in their own native language that hasn’t just been put through a translation app. With a bilingual copywriter, nothing gets lost in translation, and you can increase your client base.

All copywriting virtual assistants from Virtual Latinos are from Latin American countries such as Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, and more. Many virtual assistants at Virtual Latinos have experience running their own marketing agencies. Others are building their portfolio by providing you with expert, high-quality copywriting content.

If you are looking to expand your digital presence, a copywriting virtual assistant can help. They care for your business the same as if they were in your office. Get the content you need to better engage your target audience. When you are ready to experience the benefits of working with a trustworthy, well-vetted, and reliable copywriting virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos, contact us for a free consultation call.

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