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How to Become a Bilingual Virtual Assistant and Land Your First Job

How to Become a Bilingual Virtual Assistant and Land Your First Job

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In today’s digital landscape, you may be wondering where you fit in the picture, and how you can start to make money from home using digital tools. Launching a remote-based career can feel intimidating at first, but don’t be afraid to dive right into beginning your first job online.

Our team at Virtual Latinos is here to guide you through the process of starting your remote career. Our mission is to foster the development and expansion of the Latino virtual workforce by providing remote work opportunities, training guides, and networking among members of our communities (virtual assistants and clients).

Remote Jobs for Latino Virtual Professionals

Remote jobs are on the rise in Latin America. Our region has a vast population of experienced workers and many people are looking for more flexible work options. For this reason, more and more companies are hiring virtual assistants to help them work.

Virtual Latinos was born out of the opportunity of offering quality work done by experts from Central and South America, and Mexico. Thanks to the flexible opportunities and better income, many Latino experts like you have established long-term working relationships with companies from the US, Canada, Australia, and around the world since 2018.

In recent years, the way Latin Americans work online has changed, and this trend will continue as our community grows. Being a freelancer is no longer the only option for Latino professionals
who want to work online. There are different types of remote jobs available online. Typically, the different remote jobs are grouped into the following categories: freelancer, pay-per-lead, and virtual assistant.


Freelancers work for themselves. They design their own hours, pay their own taxes, and provide their own healthcare and holiday pay. People who freelance usually work from long-term contract to contract, or short-term project to project. They can be highly specialized or work on a variety of different pick-up jobs.


The pay-per-lead system is basically advertising that it has to prove itself before it is paid for. First, you have to find a list of potential customers that match the profile of a company for which you are advertising. Then, you get paid only for the customers that actually sign up for the company’s newsletters, programs, or services.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant works remotely and carries out any administrative work that a company needs. They can fill both full-time and part-time positions, and perform actions like calling contacts, making travel plans, sending emails, and arranging office schedules. Virtual assistants can be seen across all industries, and the possibilities of what their role might look like can differ from one business to another.

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What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Bilingual Virtual Assistant?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a bilingual virtual assistant today:

1. A long-term work relationship
Working with Virtual Latinos, we encourage you to develop a long-term and stable work relationship with your client.

2. More time with your family
As a virtual assistant, you can spend more time with your family and care for your people without having to leave home.

3. Freedom and flexibility
As a virtual assistant, you are able to work where you want without worrying about logistics or long hours. You can finally live out your digital nomad dreams, by working from your computer and traveling the globe!

4. Career path for those who are self-motivated
If you are capable of multitasking and enjoy working independently, becoming a virtual assistant is the best career choice for you!

5. Creativity of thought
Working for yourself gives you the opportunity to use your creativity to develop your own intelligence to help your client’s projects.

6. It’s rewarding
When you start to work as a Virtual Assistant for a business, you are financially rewarded as well as emotionally satisfied.

7. Recognition and Success
As a virtual professional, the work that you do is clearly seen in the digital trails that you leave. Most importantly, when working as a virtual assistant for a business, you have the proper reward for your hard work.

8. Choice of clients
As a virtual assistant, you have the choice to work with some or all types of clients and industries. Remember, you have the power to determine where you will invest your time and energy, and with whom you work best.

9. Potential to make your own income
As a virtual assistant, you earn what you deserve based on the services that you provide and how much effort and time you put into running your work.

10. Unlimited growth possibilities
The digital world is your playground! As you learn new abilities, VL offers you job opportunities for different levels of expertise that could help you grow professionally. You may also find growth at the company where you start working as a virtual assistant. As you develop a relationship with your client, you will have opportunities to show off your skills, step up, and take on more responsibilities. With unlimited growth potential, being a virtual assistant is a great career choice.

11. Ability to serve a wider range of clients
Since you’ll be able to communicate with them in their native language, you’ll have a competitive edge over other virtual assistants who don’t offer bilingual services. You will also have the opportunity to work in cross-cultural settings, and for international companies that are leading the trajectory of business today.

What Types of Tasks Can a Bilingual Virtual Assistant Perform?

The roles and responsibilities of a virtual assistant vary depending on what industry they are interested in, and the size of the company that they will work for. If you become a virtual assistant, your experiences and to-do lists might change and evolve from day to day.

As a bilingual virtual assistant, you’ll help entrepreneurs across many industries grow their businesses by relieving them of work overload or helping them with a specific project they need. Either way, your role is very important to the company you work for, and your tasks will surely help the company achieve great success.

General Administration / Sales / Marketing Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants supporting general administration are typically able to work in different areas and manage several tasks at once. Having to keep in touch with clients via email and phone, and scheduling sales appointments with future and potential customers is common.

You will act as the face of the company, being the first line of contact that they might meet. By meeting all of the organizational needs, you will allow other employees in the company to focus on what they do best.

Legal Virtual Assistant

If you work as a virtual legal assistant, you will help law firms and partners succeed. You will be expected to facilitate meetings and conversations with clients and perform administrative tasks to boost office efficiency. Additionally, you will research certain legal matters, and you may be asked to create legal rough drafts.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Healthcare virtual assistants work directly with patients by booking appointments, sending out reminders, and following up post-appointment or post-surgery. They also work with other doctor’s offices or healthcare centers by referring patients to those settings, if necessary.

They might also be expected to file insurance claims, facilitate patient payments, and issue refunds. Working as a healthcare virtual assistant is incredibly rewarding because they improve the welfare of the clients that their company serves.

Real Estate / Property Management Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant will aid in the process of selling and purchasing a property, from start to finish. They manage sales-related data and look for potential buyers and sellers. Virtual assistants in real estate also help draft and formulate final sale documents, and keep track of deals.

Property management virtual professionals help ensure that the ownership and handling of a building or facility are running smoothly. They will also assist in advertisement needs, whether sales or lease-related.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Being a digital marketing virtual assistant can be an extremely diverse and exciting job. They are expected to send out emails to leads, maintain existing connections, carry out social media marketing campaigns, and draft blogs. Digital marketing virtual assistants can also be asked to design web pages and create online advertisements. This job requires passion and creativity, and can even require editing videos and designing graphics.

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What Are the Requirements to Become a Bilingual Virtual Assistant?

If you are interested in becoming a bilingual virtual assistant, you need to do a few things to get started. First, you need to be fluent in English. Second, you need to find clients who need bilingual virtual assistant services. And third, you need to market yourself as a bilingual virtual assistant. When you are hired through an agency like Virtual Latinos, your chances of success improve because of the experience we have and the stability we provide not only to our clients but also to our community of virtual professionals. We also help you connect with potential clients.

Take a look at some of the requirements to become a virtual professional with Virtual Latinos:

Fluent language skills

As a bilingual virtual assistant, you can help companies that need to bring their business to another country or even expand to another language. You will be able to help businesses with writing and translation. If you are a Spanish or Portuguese native speaker, you need to be fully prepared to work in English.


Whether you have decades of experience or are just getting started, we hire talent from all career stages. Although most of our virtual assistants have 4-year college degrees, do not let that deter you from applying to our program.

Time Availability

While you do get to build your own hours, you should be aware that you will need to be available for certain windows of the day. Hours that you need to be available will depend on the company that you work for and where they are located.


All of our virtual assistants have working computers that run fast enough to help them efficiently complete the required tasks at hand. Headsets and microphones for quality audio calls are also a must. Any other requirements will depend on the specific assignment that you will apply for.

Stable Internet Connection

Being online when you need to be is key! For that you’ll need to have a reliable internet connection so that your clients can reach you during your agreed working hours. Any lapse in this communication will be a barrier to helping you do your best work possible.

Tools every virtual assistant should know

A deep understanding of how to use basic Microsoft Office tools and search engines is critical. Many virtual assistant jobs require drafting documents, entering data, and performing research. Familiarity with CRM, VoIP, and project management tools will make you stand out as an applicant.

How to Land Your First Job as a Bilingual Virtual Assistant

Landing your first job as a virtual assistant can be a tricky task. It is very easy to get discouraged and give up when you fail to land your first virtual assistant job. There is some good news though, there are tons of companies looking for virtual assistants that don’t even know it! Our work at Virtual Latinos is to find them and show them what you can do.

Excited to get started on your remote professional working adventure? Watch our Webinar: How to Land Your Dream Remote Job at Virtual Latinos and contact us to find out more about how to jumpstart the bilingual career of your dreams.


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