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12 Ways Latino Virtual Assistants Improve Customer Happiness

12 Ways Latino Virtual Assistants Improve Customer Happiness

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Customer Care, With a Latin Flavor

Any business owner knows that customer care is one of the most important parts of growing a business – however, it is one of the most difficult, especially for an owner with multiple tasks on their plate already. Read on for a list of other ways your future Latino Virtual assistant could improve your customer care.

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Benefits of Virtual Assistants

Especially from Latin America: Estamos a sus ordenes! (We’re at your service!)

1. You Can Free Yourself Up for Other Tasks
Of course, it is important for you to get a feel for how customers are responding to your business. However, outsourcing your customer service tasks to your VA frees up your schedule to accomplish the other dozens of tasks you still have to achieve on a daily basis.

2. Your Other Employees Will Be Happier
If you are currently utilizing employees from other departments to handle some of the customer service workload, getting them back to their regular jobs where they perform best will improve performance and morale. In addition, you’ll reduce the overall workload.

3. Your Customers Will Be Happier
A dedicated employee that works solely in customer service has the time, experience, and know-how to address customer concerns quickly and efficiently. Your customers will sense that your VA is committed to his or her job and is happy to be helping customers, which will translate into customer satisfaction.

4. You Can Add Live Chat to Your Website
Perhaps one of the best tasks for a customer service specialist is to operate your company’s live chat service. Your VA can answer customer questions that can’t be answered via the information on your website; receiving answers live keeps your potential leads engaged with your business and keeps leads fresh and ready to convert into customers.

5. You Can Speed Up Response Time
When fresh leads make contact with your business, an on-task VA customer service specialist can respond appropriately within the optimal amount of time. Compare this to potential clients who must wait until you have time at the end of the day (or week) to sit down and sift through potential leads. Virtual assistants in Latin America live in the same time zones as the US, so they’re awake and working just like all US-based businesses – now that’s a GREAT benefit!

6. You Can Reach Out to Older Leads
You undoubtedly have a list of former leads that never panned out. Remember how busy you got and forgot to follow-up with all the tradeshow leads you got? A virtual assistant can reach out to leads within a time frame you determine and glean valuable information regarding their reasoning for not converting – or even potentially make a sale.

7. You Can Provide Timely Follow Up
Dependent on your business model, you may wish to reach out to customers who have made a purchase. You set the parameters and the script, and your VA can contact as many or as few recent customers as you like.

8. You Can Provide More Interaction
Boost your interaction on social media and online. In the age of social media, everyone expects a response immediately. A VA can interact with customers via social media and answer questions, respond to messages, and more – improving your visibility and satisfying your customers. Additionally, Latin VAs can answer your Facebook or Instagram questions in English or Spanish, as they’re fully fluent in both languages!

9. You’ll Have an Experienced Specialist to Handle Customer Service
For many businesses, employees and business owners wear multiple hats, jumping from customer service to bookkeeping to marketing and back. However, hiring a VA customer service specialist ensures that your first contact with the customer knows your customer service inside and out.

10. You Can Provide FAQs
If you utilize your VA customer service specialist to note trends and frequently asked questions (FAQs), you or your VA can build a list of FAQs that address the bulk of your customer service calls. This list will grow and change over time, and having a dedicated specialist to handle it takes one more task off your own to-do list. Your virtual assistant can even help you build your help, support or FAQs online knowledge-based for you as well – making all FAQs information available to all past and future clients.

11. You Can Shield Yourself From the Harshest Interactions
A VA can filter out unnecessarily rude, cruel, or harsh comments, especially if it doesn’t offer useful feedback. Similarly, your VA can provide the most relevant feedback first, eliminating unhelpful ratings.

12. You Can Lower Your Costs
Rather than paying several employees with other functions in the company to handle customer service, you’ll pay your VA only for his or her time spent working. Virtual Latinos, for example, offers the ability to hire virtual assistant starting at $5 US dollars per hour.

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Virtual Latinos is Here to Help

If you’ve been considering outsourcing some of your customer service tasks, hiring a Latino virtual assistant with the help of Virtual Latinos can improve your customer service tactics. Unlike other services, our VAs hail from countries like Chile, Mexico, and Costa Rica within the same time zones you do business. In addition, all of our VAs are bilingual and have a college education.

For more information about how to hire a VA, contact Virtual Latinos today.

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