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Hire Top 1% Professionals

Join the Virtual Latinos Family, hire a Virtual Administrative Professional and enjoy the benefits of vetted, top 1% of virtual assistants.

Delegate Tasks

Delegate Tasks

Join the work revolution with a Latino VA, delegate those tedious time-consuming tasks and focus on developing your business.
Make Connections​

Make Connections

We help North American Businesses connect with top-notch Virtual Professionals from Latin America. Get more for your money and unlock the true potential of your company.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

The Virtual Latinos community will thrive for your success, join the largest Latino Hiring Company and get things done with the ideal match for your business.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Let our hiring experts find the perfect virtual assistant for your business.
Hiring a virtual assistant in 4 steps.

Discuss Your Hiring Needs

1. Discuss Your
Hiring Needs

Share the qualifications you are looking for in your next remote assistant with our hiring experts.

Our Team Finds Your Perfect Assistant

2. Our Team Finds Your Perfect Virtual Assistant

We search, select, and interview candidates based on your specific needs and send you the top 3-4 VAs.

You Interview Top Pre-selected Candidates

3. You Interview Top,
Pre-selected Candidates

Review the top 3-4 vetted VAs, interview your top 2 choices, and select the best one that fits your team and needs.

Hire: You Manage, We Provide Support

4. Hire: You Manage,
We Provide Support

Start working directly with your new virtual assistant and let our success team help you with anything else.

Get your time back with a VA

Ready to take your team to the next level? Say goodbye to inefficient support and hello to Virtual Latinos! 

We know how the most tedious time-consuming activities are not specifically the most productive. Because of that, we offer you handpicked remote assistants who got you covered, with rates starting at just $8 per hour.

It’s time to focus on the development of your dreams with Efficient Executive Assistance.

*Our VAs will work within your timezone for seamless communication

You don't have to do it all.

As a small business owner, you know how hard it is to do everything yourself. Let us help you grow your business by leveraging our expertise in each industry we work with.

Save Valuable Time and Money

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business!

Check out all the roles we have available.

Law Firms

Law Firms

VAs help collect & organize documents, prepare letters, manage cases, etc.

Property Management

Property Management VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

VAs manage contractors, schedule appointments, manage new leads & more.

Real Estate

Real Estate

VAs schedule viewings, manage documents, offer customers support, etc.

Tech & Software

Tech & Software

VAs lead onboarding, offer customer support, manage client success, etc.

Marketing Agencies


VAs who create content, emails, AD campaigns, branding, websites, etc



VAs help with travel arrangements, prepare reports, and organize documents.



VAs manage CRM, customer support, and general administrative tasks.

Retailers & Wholesalers

Retailers & Wholesalers

VAs generate new leads and manage clients, suppliers, stock, etc.

Medical & Healthcare

Medical & Healthcare

VAs book doctors appointments, enter data, do marketing, etc.

Yes! You can hire any role listed here
Find your perfect virtual professional!

The Best Virtual Assistants

We handle the time-consuming process of finding, vetting, interviewing,
and hand-picking the best assistants for each client's specific needs.

Top, Hand-Picked Professionals

Hand-picked Virtual Professionals for your Business

Our team personally reviews all applicants, and we take care of the time-consuming process of finding, vetting, interviewing, and hand-picking the best assistants for each of our client’s specific needs.

Fully Bilingual

Fully Bilingual Virtual Assistants

All of our virtual assistants are fully bilingual in English and Spanish or English and Portuguese. Every virtual assistant in our community has passed an EF Standard English proficiency test that ensures their listening, reading, and writing levels are good for business communication.

Working in Your Timezone

Working in Your Timezone

They live and work in Latin America in your same time zone or with minimal time difference with the US.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Virtual Professionals

About 90% of our virtual professionals have earned a 4-year university or college degree. Our virtual assistants are skilled, creative, and have past work experience.

Growth Potential

We focus on helping you create long-term work relationships with your virtual assistant. They’ll get to know your company and grow with it along the way. You can even promote your VA and/or give them a raise at ANY time. Virtual Latinos doesn’t take any commission or percentage of raises or bonuses.

0% Ghosting Rate Guaranteed

Lowest Ghosting Rate Guaranteed

All the virtual assistants that are part of our community were pre-vetted and share our values and code of ethics. Our virtual assistants are onboarded with communication procedures and always act with respect and commitment.


Affordable Virtual Professionals

We are 40% -50% less expensive than US-based virtual assistants and 30-70% less expensive than freelancers or in-house employees in the US. We aim to provide affordable virtual assistant services to all our clients!

Easy to Onboard

You Manage, We Provide Support

You manage your virtual assistant freely. Your virtual assistant helps you out and sends weekly work hours completed. Your dedicated Customer Success Agent supervises and supports you and your virtual assistant along the way to ensure your work relationship is as smooth as possible.

Let Virtual Latinos Help with Your Business Needs

We're a leading virtual assistant company providing affordable professional
assistance to small businesses worldwide.