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Make Connections

Make Connections

Virtual Latinos is an American company that helps American and European companies connect with Virtual Assistants (VAs) from Latin America.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

A pre-vetted top talented virtual assistant community ready to help you save time and focus on growing your business!

Delegate Tasks

Delegate Tasks

Every day, more and more companies are hiring virtual latinos assistants to delegate their projects and time-consuming tasks.

How It Works

Let our hiring expert find you the perfect virtual assistant for your business
Discuss Your Hiring Needs

1. Discuss Your
Hiring Needs

Share the qualifications you are looking for in your next virtual assistant with our hiring experts.

Our Team Finds Your Perfect Virtual Healthcare Assistant

2. Our Team Finds Your Perfect Assistant

We search, select, and interview candidates based on your specific needs and send you the top 3-4.

You Interview Top, Pre-selected Candidates

3. You Interview Top
Pre-selected Candidates

Review the top 3-4 vetted VAs, interview your top 2 choices, and select the best one that fits your team and needs.

Hire: You Manage, We Provide Support

4. Hire: You Manage,
We Provide Support

Start working directly with your new assistant, and let our success manager help you with anything else.

Struggling with knowing what to delegate?

Check out some of the things VAs can do!

You don't have to do it all.

As a small business owner, you know how hard it is to do everything yourself. Let us help you grow your business by leveraging our expertise in each industry we work with.

The Best Virtual Assistants

We personally review all applicants, we take care of the time-consuming process of finding,
vetting, interviewing and hand-picking the best assistants for each client’s specific needs.

Hand Picked

Top, Hand-Picked Professionals

Our team personally reviews all applicants, we take care of the time-consuming process of finding, vetting, interviewing and hand-picking the best assistants for each of our client’s specific needs.

Fully Bilingual

Fully Bilingual

Verbal and written proficiency in English and Spanish. Every assistant has passed an EF Standard English proficiency test with a level of B1 (Intermediate) or higher.


Working in Your Timezone

They live and work in Latin America with your same time zone or minimal time-difference with the US.


Experienced Professionals

About 90% of our assistants have earned a 4-year university or college degree. Our VAs are skilled, creative and with past working experience.


Easy to Onboard

Hand-picked virtual assistants are skilled in the areas of expertise required by the client. We have a dedicated team in charge of new joiners onboarding to prepare them & start working once picked!


0% Ghosting Rate Guaranteed

Only pre-vetted VAs can join the Virtual Latinos community. VAs share our values and code of ethics. They are onboarded with communication procedures, and have best practices to always act with respect and commitment.



We are 40% -50% less expensive than US-based virtual assistants and 30-70% less expensive than freelancers or in-house employees in the US.

Every day more companies and entrepreneurs
are hiring virtual assistants to

Save valuable time and money.

Do you want the same?

Check all the industries we already help.

Property Management Virtual Assistants

Property Management

VAs manage contractors, schedule appointments, manage new leads & more

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real Estate

VAs schedule visits, manage documents, offer customer support, etc

Software & Technology Virtual Assistants

Tech & Software

VAs lead onboardings, offer customer support, manage client success, etc

Marketing Virtual Assistants

Marketing Agencies

VAs create content, emails, Ad campaigns, branding, websites, etc

Virtual Assistants for Startups and Entrepreneurs


VAs work as your executive assistant, project manager, and head recruiter

Non profit virtual assistants


VAs outreach to donors, manage fundraisers, create marketing collateral, etc

virtual assistants for lawyers and law firms

Law Firms

VAs help collect & organize documents, prepare letters, manage cases, etc

virtual assistants for accountants and CPA firms


VAs do simple bookkeeping, schedule calls, manage docs, and create invoices

virtual assistants for doctors, dentists and medical offices

Medical & Healthcare

VAs book doctor's appointments, data entry, translations, sales, etc

virtual assistants for retail shops and wholesalers

Retailers & Wholesalers

VAs generate new leads, manage clients, suppliers and stock, etc